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  • Gun Control or Bullet Control?

    They are grasping at straws and hope that sooner or later they will pull out a winner.There is no winning straw when it comes to nonsense.Until they start working on the real issues at hand nothing will be settled.It has nothing to do with a gun or type of gun or bullets or ammo it is about the people and the reasons they choose to do what they do with the weapons of choice and the targets they choose.This is where the true problems lay.
  • President Obama's comment on attack today at Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic that killed 3

    I must say that people need to know the difference between non-fiction and fiction just like right and wrong.They need to stop judging us on a entertaining basics like movies and video games and the half truths of the media.
  • Buying a Gun

    That is not the hoops we speak of,we all think being educated about having and owning a gun is the responsibility of the gun buyer/owner.I also believe if you are willing to point a gun at someone you must be willing to pull that trigger,but I also think you need to be smart and responsible enough to no when not to pull the trigger.
  • New York Times Calls for an End to the Gun Epidemic in a Front Page Editorial

    Well said Tommigun,the more I hear and read about new gun laws and bans the less sense they make about wanting gun control.They keep missing the whole problem and keep jumping to the conclusion it is the guns fault.I don't know if they can't see it or don't want to see it, it does not matter what type of gun or how many shots you have or how many in circulation if you don't deal with the human factor and the lack of enforcing the laws we have nothing will help.
  • Gun control; should we ban them?

    I agree the way things are handled are not working,but in no way is it the law abiding citizens fault or the guns we have.If you try and put limitation on law abiding citizens you will just end up with more people on the wrong side of the law.The youth in my life understand and respect guns and human lives,and why is this because they are educated about them.I could let a loaded gun laying around any of the youths around me and they would never touch it without permission (NO I DON'T LEAVE THEM LAY AROUND LOADED) just making a point,and no they don't listen to everything but they do understand about guns and that is the whole point.They don't run around and say things like they want to kill because they get mad like I have heard other kids do that are not taught the right and wrong about guns and lack of human life.I start taking the kids in our family's hunting very early in life and it helps educate them.