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Recent College Shooting

edited August 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 4
I expected to see a greater call for gun control in the media in light of the recent college shooting. Do you think that the victim of the crime is responsible for the paucity of coverage. Do you think a single middle aged white male victim just doesn't make for a compelling rallying point?


  • Yes, whatever the mainstream media and powers that be want the public to know is what they're going to pump through the news. They only want to drill it into the masses brains if it fits their gun control agenda. That includes mental health, racism, etc. It's all about division and distraction.
  • I don't see it happening for this one event. It wasn't big enough.The story didn't even really last that long. I haven't heard too much about it.
  • I think that it's because gun violence has become so commonplace that is has to be a wide-scale massacre to move the needle.  People are so used to seeing stories about shootings that as a whole, we have become desensitized.  It's like, "oh, another shooting".  It shouldn't be like that. 
  • I completely agree. It has become such a common thing that people don't really think about it anymore unless it's a massacre. It is sad that this last shooting is like the 3rd one this year or at least the 3rd one that I've heard about this year. The world is just becoming a different place where we can't even send our children to school and believe they will be alright.
  • I think so many years of being entertained by movies and violent video and computer games has desensitized children to violence, it has planted seeds in childrens minds.
  • Events like these shooting are happening very frequently nowadays. I am now wondering if people have become so accustomed to these events, that's why the seem to be less alarmed about these occurrences than they would have been previously. However, each time these things happen people are killed, hurt or traumatized, so I believe that there should be a great deal of concern every time it happens.
  • Posts: 75
    It has to do with the current thought dispensation which considers people to be mere statistics. There is also stratification in terms of coverage with regard to the calibre or 'social worth' or standing of the individual concerned. Therefore you will hear less noise on gun control until the exploding bullets come whizzing past their ears am eventuality I honestly hope will not come to pass. We were treated to a bizarre episode the other day when TV journalists were shot live at work by a colleague. I think there is a conspiracy to keep the issue of gun control at the stage of mere talk but no walk.
  • This is sad. I dont think guns need to be taken away. I think it should be controlled as in ... If this person has X amount of domestic violence charges on his record, then we wont give him a gun!! Too many shootings going on lately. What about these peoples families!?
  • Posts: 24
    Well it is kind of sad when you hear things like "it wasn't big enough", but it is true.  The whole media is frustrating when it comes to the issue, which really does not make it easier to deal with as a society, at least in my opinion.  I do think that we need to see something substantial happen soon, but I cannot really say what it needs to be.  I am not really sure of any answers, but I am open to anything at this point.
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