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Bills being proposed

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
If you are interested here are some bills being proposed about new gun laws.  These are somethings we are facing with the push for more gun control.What do you think?


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    I am sorry I didn't know how to make the link for you to click on,I am a computer idiot I guess.
  • I'm good with some of these, mostly the ones about harsher punishment for gun abusers.  I also have no idea how to make it a link.  I just highlighted it, right-clicked and copy-and-pasted it.
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     I don't like anything the Feds have to say about limiting gun ownership for law-abiding citizens!  I put more stock in what Thomas Jefferson and Co. thought.
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    I would like to thank you Tommigun for your input on copy and pasting .I would also like to thank jbbarn for making it a link for me.I also don't think this a job for the government it should be done at state levels.The government has enough power over us already,some might be alright but I am afraid if we give a inch they will take a mile.I also don't believe there is no such thing as common sense gun control.I have said it before they need to just enforce the laws we have already.
  • I agree, that's why I said that I agree with harsher punishments.  I didn't agree with all of them, just the ones to discourage people from using them inappropriately. 
  • It will not work, Murder is not legal, yet criminals committing Murder every day, so why would Murdering criminals ever obey a Gun Law ??? You can get Capital punishment for Murder, Guns are a Felony at worst.
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    Well I will really be unimpressed until I see something being passed that really makes a difference and has bipartisan support, and I am not sure that that will ever happen.  I cannot say that I have an answer, because I don't, but I at least would like to see discussions being had about the issue and not so much politicizing, but maybe I am asking too much of our politicians (I'm not).
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    I would love to see more gun control, this is why we have a government with smart analyst. It doesn't matter what the average citizen thinks, the government knows what is best for the population. 

    We need stricter gun laws, I don't want to know that my neighbor can go and buy just about any type of gun and stock up on ammo, guns are used for killing, not as spoons, or keys for doors, they are used for killing only. When's the last time you heard someone using a gun to cook their food? Rhetorical.
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