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Is this old or new news - Hillary Clinton 25% tax

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I was told today that Hillary Clinton is going to push for her 25% sales tax on gun sales again.She had tried this 22 years ago at time of the Brady bill,and now wants to try it again to try and boost her ratings even more with the anti's.What are your thoughts?


  • I disagree with this.  Most of the guns bought the legal way are not the same guns killing least not the owners of the legal guns.  Why keep punishing those who did nothing wrong?  I say push for harsher punishments, not making it harder for law-abiding citizen to acquire guns.  After all, why make it more difficult to buy a tool rather than make the sentence more severe?
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     I think Hillary is like an old horse, beating a DEAD horse! LOL  I know she will always be the darling of the socialist/totalitarian set, but I don't think a tax is going to stop anyone from exercising their Constitutional rights. I really think garden variety liberals are at least beginning to realize there's something rotten in Denmark! LOL
  • Posts: 234
    I sure hope they will start seeing past her garbage,a President is suppose to make things better for the law abiding citizens as kinda of a reward for being that way not try to punish us.She is taking this anti stuff way to far and trying to win the election because of it.
  • “We cannot let a minority of people, and that’s what it is, it is a minority of people, hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people,” Clinton said during a live CNN town hall. The comments were Clinton’s deepest foray into an exceedingly controversial political subject (Gun Control) since leaving the State Department last year. Hilary seems to believe that we "Gun Rights Advocates" are a minority that should be silenced. You may want to check out the article at but basically the research I have done recently shows that she will say and do what ever she needs to to please the majority of the people. If the majority of the Citizens of the United States truly believed that guns are terroristic I would be afraid to vote for her. A one opinion "majority" President we don't need.
  • I agree.  Most presidential hopefuls are like a teenage boy: they will say whatever they have to in order to get in, but once they got what they wanted it's all, "Oh, yeah, about that..."  That's why I find it difficult to choose who to vote for.  None of them tell the truth, it's all about what the "majority" of their voters want to hear.  With liberals, it's 'get rid of the guns'.  With Conservatives, it's 'Thank God and pass the ammo'.
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    There are many more important topics I think they should be concentrating on in stead of guns,and they want to try and make it top priority.I think it is just a ploy to play on sympathy because of the mass shooting to get votes and to distract the people from the real topics they should be working on.I agree none of them tell the truth it is like picking the one that lies the least.
  • I don't think it's only a distraction technique.  It's more like trying to please people by acting on a hot button topic.  They want to win the election.  They think they can do it by being a "savior" of America.  They think that this will please the majority of their voters.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's also a distraction technique, but that isn't their main purpose.  It's to curry the favor of their specific voters.  Most liberals are anti-gun, so the Democrats will be anti-gun; most conservatives are pro-gun; so the Republicans will be pro-gun. 
  • Posts: 234
    I can agree with that, so many of the anti's are anti anything though that they don't agree with. I think you can disagree about something without wanting to be anti and want to try and change everything. You are right about the candidates trying to just pacify the voters to get their votes. I just hope enough know that so we don't end up with someone like Hillary in there, I personally think that would be a big mistake and we have had enough of that already.
  • I agree.  I'm not really one to hate things.  There are a few things I don't particularly like, but I'm not trying to get them taken away from people or make them stop doing it.  The only people that the gun laws are actually hurting are people who currently obey the law.  The ones who don't listen to the current laws aren't going to listen to new ones.  If they are getting black market guns, the laws really don't apply to them, anyway.
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    Low taxes on gun sales means that its a freewheeling affair which means that gun buyers will not attach a premium on this. It follows that gun owners can access more guns per head. I wonder what happens when someone lends a gun to his friend or family or in other cases, taken illegally for ulterior purposes. I wonder what she has to say with regard to bullet control since its even more crucial.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    I'd rather just get out of the country, I love gun myself but they are not something that I want in the hands of the public. There are all types of things that I'd like the public to agree with me on. 

    Guns are for the military, and maybe a automatic hand gun and shotgun would be sufficient enough for the public, but rapid fire ak-47's...come on, people don't need to own them. I love fighter jets, but there is a reason why you can't go and blow $40,000,000 million dollars on one.
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