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Is there really a justification for these GUN FREE ZONES ?

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I have read so many different views on this,I thought I would just ask.I personally think it has added to the troubles with the number of mass shootings lately.They have become open targets and draw the unlawful to them like a magnet.I don't see where they have been justified.


  • I understand why they were thought up; I just think they were ill-conceived.  People think they are protecting their children by not allowing guns into an area.  But the problem is that people who can't get past a metal detector can shoot from distances.  They haven't thought of ANY defense strategy to take it's place.  I think that's pretty irresponsible.  If you want to remove guns, think of some kind of fortification and protection to take the place of someone trained to use a gun as a deterrent. 
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    I have also heard that some think that it was done on purpose because they knew what would happen and then they could put the blame on the guns to better their agenda.I shutter to think this is possible,it is just one of the things I heard.
  • I like the concept of gun free zones. The only problem is enforcement and alternate protection as you said. I can't imagine schools turning into prison like environments. I certainly wouldn't want my child or (future) grandchild thinking that utilizing a gun to even a score or retaliate for bullying is the answer either and I'm sure none of the parents whose children shot up schools and fellow students wanted that either. It's like the school systems are always putting out fires and never dealing with the smoke. Children need a quiet and secure place to learn but what's the balance? Being able to arrest a parent or child for bring a gun to school is just a tiny part of the problem we have in our schools. But even a tiny step in the right direction is better than none.  
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    Maybe the kids need to be shown that guns are not just the bad things they are told they are,and let them know when used properly they can be a positive thing also,like when they are used to protect and serve the law abiding against the lawless,and putting food on the table and target shooting for sport or even competition,and for law enforcement.Instead so many are taught they are only there to kill people and used for bad.Is it any wonder that they turn to a gun when they want to do bad.I think negativity breeds negativity.
  • rbower, I hope that what you heard was just an unfounded rumor.  That really scares me that people would put children in danger for some kind of agenda or experiment.
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    I hope it was just another extremest talking out of their butt again.This is the kind of stuff that is being thrown out there from both sides though.I can't remember what site it was on though,if I run across it again I will let you know.
  • I did see you post above mine before.  It didn't load on the computer.  I agree that children are being taught a one-sided lesson about guns.  They need to be taught that, yes, guns have the power to kill, but they can be so much more than that.  They also need to be taught how to vent frustration in a productive manner; that's the real reason for all the killing.
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    When they get taught just all the bad in the world that is view they will grow up having and think that is the way to handle things.They are not taught coping skills anymore,there is a mixture of good and bad about most things and need to be taught both sides of everything.
  • We're not taking into consideration the idea of thinking for themselves.
    I was taught guns were bad. One side of my family hated it, considering my grandfather was murdered by it. I was told over and over and over that I shouldn't touch it, go near it, it was dangerous.
    Then on the other side of my family, I was taught they were good. My grandfather on the other side of my family liked to hunt, and he taught me to shoot guns and handle them correctly. But in the end, I was around the other side of my family more, and so I heard more about gun control.
    But that changed nothing for me. Right now, I would not go to a school and shoot a bunch of people. I wouldn't shoot someone in road rage, either. And I've never, ever actually had a problem with gun control tightening. Do I support gun control? No. Do I care if it IS controlled? No. 
    The people that do these things aren't just average criminals. Sure, a lot of it is. But that's not the only thing that does it. And a background check can be modeled in a way to show warning signs, if done correctly. It's not just the typical criminal that are a threat, anymore. 
  • Actually, Maelalove, that is exactly what I am trying to say.  Teach them all the facts and let them decide for themselves.  Teach children everything you know about guns, good and bad, experiences and stats, and let them figure out how they feel.
  • I don't think it's EXACTLY what I'm trying to say. I do agree, but I'm saying I don't think it already is that we only teach them the bad, or just one side or the other. So far, it actually seems pretty balanced to me. Most children know it's dangerous, but know if they're careful it can be handled. I wasn't really saying that it wasn't. I just got to reading some of the other comments saying they've only been taught the bad and I disagreed with that.
  • Okay.  I see what you are saying now. 
  • And in the end, they confiscate the guns of law abiding gun owners, not the gang bangers and vatos.
  • I think there are certain places that should be gun free to an extent. I think court houses for one. Other than bailiffs and guards. People are very emotional when going into these settings and may act on emotion rather than by using their brain. I think hospitals should also be gun free other than by security. Again emotional people and guns don't mix. Most other places no, there are a lot of situations where a gun would be needed in a store especially if being robbed and many other places.
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    The best security option for these gun free zones is to have tight security agencies both private and public security agencies pitching camp in these areas and using them as rear bases and launchpads to access other areas. Emergency situation drills should be carried out in order to cope with any contingency. There measures will make any intruder to think twice.
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    Well I would certainly say that there is justification for then, but then again you can really say that about anything so that is not saying all that much.  The issue is, for me at least, the consideration that these things will just not work.  It immediately reminds me a Chris Rock joke, about how you should avoid schools with metal detectors because sure you are safe inside, but everyone on the outside knows you don't have a gun.  Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
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