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Kentucky Waffle House

edited June 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246

A few days ago, a soldier was in a Waffle House in Kentucky.  When he hailed the waitress to place his order, she noticed that he had his service piece on him.  She informed him that one of the restaurant's policies was that guns aren't allowed.  She asked him to take it outside.  He decided to leave.  I was wondering what was other people's take on this subject. 


  • I think that was fair. As long as it is the rules for everybody. That means that nobody including the owner should have a gun. I think it's for the safety of the entire establishment. How was she to know that since he had a gun he wasn't going to try to rob the place. Just because he was a soldier. What does that really mean? he decided to leave, and that was in his rights too. Now he knows the next time that he shows up not to bring his gun.
  • Are the Police included too?
    If you see a Soldier in public with a sidearm, He is probably an MP, Military Police .....
  • Soldiers in general, are not allowed to be armed in public unless they are performing duty in the Military Police, or the Shore Patrol, or CID, or NCIS..
  • Next you will accuse the Police of trying to rob people and stores and restaurants and liquor stores, forget about the muggers and robbers and rapists and gang bangers, lets attack uniformed people that are armed, and refuse the service, just like the old days, signs that said, NO SERVICE to _______ !!!!
    ____________ only !!!!
    It was wrong then,
    It is wrong now !!!!
  • Did they have a no guns allowed sign out front? I don't know why she made a big deal about it though.

  • It seems like a reasonable request really. She told him to leave because of the restaurant's no gun policy. I think it would be wrong to make the exception simply because he is a soldier, unless he had a specific reason to need a firearm at that moment at that specific restaurant. That is unlikely the case though. I'm a soldier myself, and if I ever found myself in a situation like that (though unlikely since I am not Military Police) I personally would not mind if I was asked not to bring my gun inside the restaurant. It's the business's rule after all. If I want the service, I should follow its rules.
  • Posts: 6
    It does seem like a reasonable request, but what I would have done as the waitress is explained the reason, and then asked if he would take his meal to go. He's still a person worthy of respect, and as a government employee (of sorts) he understands rules and chain of command. 

    She might also have checked into giving him a military discount.
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    Well I can really see both sides of this one.  Ultimately I guess it is the restaurant's choice as to what they allow and what they do not allow, in this case a firearm.  You can say that it is a personal freedom, but I am not sure that really trumps their policies and when it comes to public safety I would think that they would come out on top in any legal scenario.  Not sure, but it is certainly interesting.  Thanks for sharing.
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