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History repeats itself

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 60

Do you see any connection between how hard the government and public officials push for gun control, and how Hitler and other world leaders did the same thing? He ended up taking away people's rights to have firearms and look what happened. What do you think?


  • Wow. That's a bit of a stretch. I don't think this could happen today because we do have the right to bare arms. It's in the constitution. So I don't think you have to worry about that peice of history repeating itself.
  • I kind of see your point.  But the main difference is that our government is just trying to stop Americans from killing each other.   Hitler and other dictators just didn't want the people fighting back as they were conquered.  We are also democratic, not totalitarian. That is what caused people to be overtaken. 
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    I would like to think that us Americans are not that foolish to ever let that happen,I know I am not that foolish.
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    thinking that it can't happen here is pretty naive.  Constitutions and words don't stop the acts of tyrants and wannabe tyrants...only vigilant, armed citizens have even a hope of doing so.  
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    Was our government just trying to keep the Bonus Marchers from hurting themselves when had troops fire on them and burn down their encampment?  

    thinking it can't happen here is what allows a republic to devolve into totalitarianism.  
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    This is why I try and stay out of politics.Gun rights is as far as I go.
  • I see a lot of brainwashed people. That's what people said back then. Then they got thrown into camps.
  • I'm not saying that it CAN'T happen.  I'm saying that Nazi Germany is a bad example, since countries led by dictators are much easier targets.  The point I was trying to make was that we are a democracy and it's less likely to happen. 

  • Some of the gun control horror stories do remind me of stories from Naz Germany. The remembrances of home invasions by "police". Think of how many people own guns right now. Then think of all those people voluntarily registering their guns or turning them in because they no longer have the right to own them. Gives me shivers to think of enforcement of a gun ban. Home inspections would be the only way to make it work and I don't believe that's going to happen in my lifetime.
  • Yeah, but are gun bans just for the general public or will it be like in England?  Are the police and military going to be carrying, but not ordinary folks? My assumption this whole time was that the gun bans were to completely rid us of guns (which I want to make it clear that I'm not for).  I thought it was for everyone.  Military and police having guns while no one else can does scare me a bit. 
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     Of course there's a correlation! Not only Hitler, but Stalin and Mussolini confiscated guns from their citizens. How else would they have been able to dominate them so completely? Here's a more complete list:

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    I think it is just for the general public mainly, they want to make us defenseless.I know they keep saying no one wants to take your guns, but that is not really true in the long run this is what they want.They want first just bans on certain guns,but then they want to make it so tough to get any guns and slow restrict us to death.I talked to a guy from Australia this is the way it started out there too,and know you have to jump through so many hoops and it will cost you about $1000.00 dollars per gun you want if you can get it at all.You need to show 3 good reasons for wanting a gun, and hunting and self defense doesn't count.
  • Wow, seriously?!  Hunting doesn't count.  Self-defense is important, as well.  I'm not trying to minimize that, but hunting? I can't see how that is not a good reason to get a gun.  What DOES count as a good reason, then?
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    I am not sure but I am working on it.Also no semi-auto guns are allowed even a shot gun unless you have a special permit that says you have a disability that it is needed for shooting.You need to get a permit for every gun you get.
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    I was wrong hunting does count as a reason,but not self defense though.Here is a site if you are interested on all of Australia's gun laws and controls.     sorry I couldn't make it a link again.Maybe jbbarn would be so nice to help me out again I would appreciate it.There is way to much to try and write out.
  • Thanks.  And the fact that there isn't a link to it doesn't mean much.  I can just copy and paste again.
  • But you see, nobody says you can't bare arms, you wear a tank top and bare arms, however, bearing firearms can make anti gun people unhappy, It may not be so good to arm bears, they might shoot too many innocent people ! joke !
  • Every day I see Americans turning the cheek to more and more. I see a lot of brainwashed people this day and age. Take the work ethic for one. Many have become a "give me" kind of culture. I hate what I see. We've become a culture who has traded work and education in exchange for what can I get free. I believe whole heartedly we could see a repeat of what Hitler did. While there are a few of us left who say we would never let that happen, we are scarcely outnumbered by those who would give up guns and other freedoms for a few pretty words and promises.
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    Hitler is on another level.  He is one of the greatest mass murders of all time.  But the American Government is trying to control the violence.  It is our right to bare arms, but that doesn't meant that people with serious issues should be carrying them around.  We need to protect law biding citizens and there must be a balance of freedom and regulation. 

    I am for the right to bare arms.  I hunt a lot.  I'll be damned when someone else tells me that I can't hunt anymore because someone half way around the globe killed another person because of racism.  I am far from that type of thing and I am a responsible with my firearms.
  • Why do anti-gun control enthusiasts have to use such extreme arguments to prove their point. Iam not asking 
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    Power always corrupts, so it's not too far a stretch to assume that politicians are attempting to take away guns in order to have more control over the population.  Although some of them are doing it because they believe it'll save lives, I do not trust the intentions behind most of them.
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    The analogy of Hitler can only apply in countries which aren't developed democracies like dictatorships. Another fact to note is that non control of guns cannot necessarily provide a bulwark against oppressive states since they have much more powerful weapons including those from support units. Guns can only offer recourse against criminals and neighbourhood gangs.
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    I would have to agree with @nailah783 and say that it is a bit of a stretch, but if you really want to make the case it would be a good place to start.  There are certainly other factors at plan in that comparison, though, so that might be a tough task.  Speaking generally, though, history does tend to repeat itself quite a bit and in interesting ways and they are always fun to learn about and compare.
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    History does indeed repeat itself but not in the same fashion. It follows insidious paths which are precipitated by what happens in the past. One has to admit that at the end of the day, the bedrock that props up a govt are the armed forces. But arming the citizenry would not constitute security. More guns, more insecurity. I suppose it should be one gun per family not per individual. Left to themselves, societies have a way of following the 'survival for the fittest' mantra.
  • I am on the side of keeping guns in the citizens hands, but your point is a bit too far in my opinion. 
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    One can also argue that there are many tinpot despots bearing arms with the tragedy being that this is enshrined in the constitution. The number of people killed in gun crime incidents qualifies guns to labelled as weapons of mass destruction not unlike what happened during the Third Reich. Its not possible to witness a repetition of the latter in the foreseeable future.
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