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Was Bryce Williams provoked into killing reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward?

edited September 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6
I'm not condoning murder in anyway, after all it's the worst sin, but I'd like to know more about the history of this case and if Bryce Williams was provoked into killing reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward.  I think in many of these cases we forget to ask why it happened.  In any event, he could have killed them with a knife or sword or by many other means, so guns are not the problem.


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    It is for this reason that a man will be judged for manslaughter and not murder. It depends on the reasons a judge determines as the cause of the act. This might be something worth investigating.
  • There's only one excuse for taking a life, and thats because they are a risk to your life. Otherwise, being bullied and picked on is, under no circumstances, a good excuse. I was bullied and picked on at school... most people were. But you don't see 90% of people grabbing a gun and murdering someone.
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    From what I've heard he had a rather troubled work history, and read racism into a lot of situations where racism was not inherently the problem. Got let go a couple of times, and I believe such was also the case here. Probably snapped in the head and decided to take it out on the company that fired him.

    As for the point about the knife and the sword, I don't know that he could have taken two people down so quickly with anything but a gun. At the very least one of them would have gotten away. Doesn't make the situation much less tragic, but...
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    Perhaps he snapped, given his "perception" of racial and sexual harassment. Maybe the allegations were indeed true, it could very well be the fact that he struggled so intently on starting over after all of it and failed.

    The problem lies in the overall ease in his obtaining the weapon. A weapon that he may have had the right to purchase (under the constitution), yet the same constitution permitted these American lives to be prematurely ended because an amendment goes against the overzealous GOP principles to their very core.
  • If he didn't have a gun, he probably would have killed them with his car. When someone gets an itching for murder, nothing is going to stop them. The reason we need the guns, though, is because w have a right to fight against an enemy that is threatening our life, or our family's lives.
  • I don't fully know the facts, only what I have seen on the news and some articles. He appeared to be an extremely troubled individual. I don't think that he was provoked in any way but obviously felt like something was taken from him - job, respectability, whatever. He took the time to fully research, plan and conduct this murder. In his mind he may have felt provoked but not in mine, In my mind he was a mentally ill man with a handgun.
  • Exactly, guns don't kill people.  Stupid people with any weapon can kill people.

    I read and listened to a lot of different reports that were coming in while this was still fresh news.  A lot was attributed to racism and the lost of his job and potential jobs in other companies.  

    He was a mixed blood individual.  So his identity might have come into question when he asked himself on which side of the train tracks he belonged.  Then there was the sexuality orientation issues.  That must of alienated him even more so.  I'm not warranting what he did.  I'm just trying to piece together his fragmented mind.

    It was also said that racism was so bad it made him quit or he had been fired from channel 7 news.  We don't know if there is any truth to that.  But you can imagine a person that has been picked on and stepped on his whole life because of race and sexuality, then finally he has an object to focus his rage on, and eventually release it upon.

    Everyone has a breaking point, and most don't know how to deal with it.  Some might take kick boxing classes or get therapy.  For this individual, he just wanted payback.  He unleashed all of those frustrations on those individuals.

  • Unless I missed it (which is very possible), I think there's got to be more than they're telling us. I agree with everything you said. But I wonder how much of what he believed was real. Does anyone know of a mental issue he had?
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    Not everyone who kills has mental instability, likewise not everyone who claims harassment is wrong. Of course there are things the news isn't telling us, if there wasn't then we would have stopped discussing the topic a long time ago. If anyone actually bothers to research this, you guys will see that a lot of people kill with a gun simply due to the sheer ease of it. It is not our nature to harm our species, it is however in our nature to defend ourselves, regardless of the basis of our fears. To actually commit to an act, and see it through without the means of such quick  artillery, would mean a nose dive in the amount of murders we see in the news altogether.
  • This was a senseless act. He did this because he was fired. He did this for infamy. It doesn't really matter what his reasons were, you can't blame the victim when they were just doing their jobs at the time. There might be an explanation, but there will never be anything that could excuse such behavior.
  • I agree with LilAnn.  If someone wants to hurt someone else, they will use whatever they can.  It's not the weapon; it's the weapon wielder.  By the way, there's no justification for bullying.  I'm sorry you had to go through that. 

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    I agree any degree of bullying is wrong but sadly it does happen,or what ever the reason he thought he had,but for any other reason then your life being in danger there is no reason to take another ones life.This plain and simple and the way it should be.The gun has no blame in this or any other killing a weapon is a weapon,and it is the person that chooses to use it in the wrong or right way.It doesn't matter how many or lack of that weapon.the result is the same.Murder is wrong and self defense is right,plain and simple.
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    I agree with those who say that the only time this is justified if when someone is a genuine threat to you or in the case of an accident.  But even then a true human being with a conscience would have to live with the fact that they still took another human life.  That someone who had maybe a wife or children won't be going home to them.  These two individuals had loved ones who are now grieving their untimely and senseless deaths.  For me there is no justification for that especially since this man plotted to kill them and to me for no reason other then again someone who wasn't in their right frame of mind.  That doesn't mean he was mentally ill, it could of been motivated by anger on his part.  But again does that justify killing two people?  I don't think so.
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    Yes you would have to live with the guilt but you would get to live yet.You could have also the piece of mind that you safed your life and maybe countless others if they weren't stopped.Killing and murder are two different things of course neither sound pretty but there is still a big difference.They never seem to be seperated these days,and they should.
  • Having a legitimate gripe with someone is no excuse for killing them. I may not understand the question but how can some one be provoked into ending someone's life? Gun violence is just like any other form of violence in my eyes. Protection of self or others is the only legitimate reason for utilizing a gun or a knife or a beer bottle in a violent manner. Protecting yourself from another's act of violence is not murder or manslaughter in my eyes.
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