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  • Do Gun Bans Actually Work?

    @junrose123 @JayGum28 People don't commit crimes because they have guns, they commit crimes because of outside factors. You can still rob, rape, and/or murder someone with a hammer, just as effectively as if they used a gun. So how does this prevent crime as a whole?
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    @amandajustice:  All of your observations are reasonably accurate & factual, yet this exerts no influence on the progressive hard left to whom an armed citizenry is a deterrence to their obsession with power & control.  Until the means to defend one's self & loved ones are completely removed, these enemies of the rights, freedoms & moral values established in our Declaration of Independence & Constitution cannot achieve their objective of a United Socialists of America.  No firearm is 'dangerous' except for one which is mishandled/misused, and this defines the unthinkable reality of a disarmed populace in our once great nation.
  • Answer to Gun Violence

    For roughly two centuries following the establishment of our extraordinary form of government --- a republic built upon constitutional conservatism --- we've never previously encountered such a breakdown of the basic & essential structures which define us as Americans; we've never before suffered such a collapse of our principles & values as that which has occurred over the past 40 or so years.  And it's we the citizenry that's become corrupted, not the imperishable gift which our founders bequeathed to us.

    For the prior 50 years I've handled & owned a variety of guns, and during this half century have never heard of or encountered any firearm(s) exhibiting violence without the participation of a human; i.e., we have no difficulty with these lifeless, inanimate objects which can be used or misused for right or wrong.  Instead, we have a people problem --- criminal activity by our fellow citizens or illegals among us; until these United States of America reestablishes the fundamental truths, beliefs & precepts which the architects of our constitution so brilliant codified, this country is in a precipitous & terminal decline.

  • I love Jimmy Kimmel! Here he speaks out about gun violence after the mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Come take my guns then. I want to see you personally come to my door and attempt. People like you just need to move out of America. That will fix it.
  • What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?

    There are many reasons one becomes violent. 

    Conditioning (think military training to kill enemies)
    Education (learning about other people and other subjects)
    Lack of empathy (can be mental illness or taught)
    And several other reasons...

    You cannot reduce violence without teaching people at a young age to be empathetic to others and life in general. The tool/ weapon used is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we as a society have cheapened the life of others and the pain that others feel. Our young people are bombarded by violence and it becomes everyday occurrence and when you do that people are just things, not people.

    There is no one solution, its a systemic issue that has many causes... there is no one thig you can do to reduce violence.
  • What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?


    In 2014 there were only 224 justifiable (defense) homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm... same year, there were 7,670 criminal (offense) gun homicides (source)

    In other words, the odds of you successfully protecting yourself with a gun is practically nill. By definition an aggressor always draws on you first and has the upper hand. 

    The best defense strategy is to make guns unaccessible to aggressors, as they have done in Sweden, Japan, Australia, England, etc. Real world examples that have successfully all but removed gun violence from their society. 
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    No matter what type of gun it is as long as it can fire bullet, it is still dangerous. I think what the government should do is prohibited civilians from owning a gun.
  • What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?

    We need to get rid of all guns that are not 10 round pistols, and a 12 gauge shot gun. The people in the cities don't need to collect guns, guns should be for the army only. 

    Things like that should be kept in places where it's more safe. I want a government that sees that. Many other countries know this. They create strict gun laws because they don't want their citizens dying via guns. Lesser guns means lesser gun violence.