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  • I love Jimmy Kimmel! Here he speaks out about gun violence after the mass shooting in Las Vegas

    Come take my guns then. I want to see you personally come to my door and attempt. People like you just need to move out of America. That will fix it.
  • All firearms should be legalized

    Handguns, shotguns, rifles, machine guns etc of any kind should be 100 percent legal, I’m up for a civil discussion. Yes this means I think law enforcement/military firearms should not be regulated by the State.
  • Answer to Gun Violence

    For roughly two centuries following the establishment of our extraordinary form of government --- a republic built upon constitutional conservatism --- we've never previously encountered such a breakdown of the basic & essential structures which define us as Americans; we've never before suffered such a collapse of our principles & values as that which has occurred over the past 40 or so years.  And it's we the citizenry that's become corrupted, not the imperishable gift which our founders bequeathed to us.

    For the prior 50 years I've handled & owned a variety of guns, and during this half century have never heard of or encountered any firearm(s) exhibiting violence without the participation of a human; i.e., we have no difficulty with these lifeless, inanimate objects which can be used or misused for right or wrong.  Instead, we have a people problem --- criminal activity by our fellow citizens or illegals among us; until these United States of America reestablishes the fundamental truths, beliefs & precepts which the architects of our constitution so brilliant codified, this country is in a precipitous & terminal decline.

  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    kaisantos2229 wrote on February 16 
    No matter what type of gun it is as long as it can fire bullet, it is still dangerous. I think what the government should do is prohibited civilians from owning a gun.

    We know that complete bans on handguns are constitutionally impermissible.  Handguns are the weapon used in the vast majority of gun homicides.

    The gun at issue in this thread (assault weapon) is not listed as a separate category but rifles in general are used in under 300 homicides a year.

    (Screengrab of FBI Table 8)

    The current focus on assault weapons and "mass shootings" and "school massacres" is tunnel vision.  It is like being concerned about the dangers of electricity but only being focused on lightning.

    Of course any focus on the greater issue of criminal use of guns implicates conditions and circumstances that liberals would rather ignore -- given their direct hand in either creating or nurturing those conditions and circumstances.


  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    @amandajustice:  All of your observations are reasonably accurate & factual, yet this exerts no influence on the progressive hard left to whom an armed citizenry is a deterrence to their obsession with power & control.  Until the means to defend one's self & loved ones are completely removed, these enemies of the rights, freedoms & moral values established in our Declaration of Independence & Constitution cannot achieve their objective of a United Socialists of America.  No firearm is 'dangerous' except for one which is mishandled/misused, and this defines the unthinkable reality of a disarmed populace in our once great nation.
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    So a few above believe no civilians should own weapons?? I am a female with three kids that is home alone at night while my fiance works, damn right I have the time a cop with a gun gets to my house we could all be dead... my fiance is a civilian now, but he served in the Marine Corp to help keep u crazy nuts free and safe and the use of guns for that is ok right??? It is your choice not to own one, but to u saying all guns are dangerous...DUH...depending on who is behind it and their purpose, they can be. Without a trigger finger they are not. We own many and none have ever just gone off by themselves... Should knives be banned for killing? Or hammers, or baseball bats or alcohol or Cars? Because all of those are just as deadly with the wrong person behind them. And HEY WHAT ABOUT ALL THE IDIOTS THAT CANT STAY OFF CELL PHONES TO DRIVE???? Should cell phones be banned? Civilians are not the only ones using guns improperly...cops are always in the news for AR15 is a blast to take to the gun range and hog hunt with. Let's get educated people.
  • Buying an unlicensed gun

    If u buy a gun from an individual, u can go get it registered in your name where I live so it shows when it was purchased it. And guess what.. it is for my protection. Regardless, do u think someone planning to do killings of any unlawful kind cares if it is purchased from someone with an FFl or if they get it off the street...come on ppl.
    Well let's also start banning alcohol and vehicles for drunk driving accidents and deaths, which u have to have licensed and registered if u are driving legally, baseball bats, hammers, knives, all weapons that can's the operators not the weapon used to commit the crime.
  • A.J.

    How many ppl are killed from drunk drivers everyday?? Is alcohol illegal? Are CARS being banned for running ppl down or causing a The person behind the wheel is prosecuted...So why do they think to ban guns? The guns didn't shoot themselves, it is the person behind it with issues of some sort. Why not focus on helping fix those problems?
    I see forums of ppl saying that they should make ppl that purchase guns go for a psych eval and have a mandatory person designated to come check peoples guns regularly..I WISH SOMEONE WOULD TRY TO TELL MY FIANCE THAT. He served 6 years overseas in the Marine Corp and is not about to let anyone come check his firearms for him..he has also been a hunter since the age of 5 and is well educated in safety and care for his weapons...Aside from that, they are focusing on gunmakers, and what about ppl that buy 2nd hand guns, where no background or info is even required? Just money exchange? How does that work? Can someone that DOESN'T own a gun explain that to my family...PLEASE.
    WHAT about these shootings done by cops, that were proven unnecessary? Yet, police still carry guns.
    Realize it's the people, even if they are trained to use and carry guns, that sometimes are fighting an unknown battle that causes them to kill unjustly. Like someone said earlier, it's done with hammers, baseball bats, knives, etc.. so do all the companies that make these items need to ban their products?
    Yes, guns can do a lot of damage in short periods, but there is someone behind it pulling the trigger. It's the people of the world today that need help.
  • 2nd amendment

    Sorry, the nauseum and spitting war comment was not directed at yourself. I just recently bowed out of a discussion where someone made an untrue statement. I called him on it with actual verified facts. He refused to except that he was wrong. He kept countering with one false statement after another which I proved wrong every single time. It's that kind of wasted time that led to my nausem comment.
     Anyway you're on to me. I am Canadian. Before anyone tells me to butt out of American business please be aware the NRA also supplies funds to Canadian gun advocacy groups. They helped defeat what was known as the " the national long gun registry". The Provence of Quebec maintained there own registry which the NRA is now crying foul over. As well you shud know that 70% of guns seized from Canadian criminals, are guns that were stolen from US homes by US criminals and then smuggled into Canada. So yes I have every right to comment on your affairs.
    Now Robert, of course we both want less murders, but how can more guns accomplish that? I live in a city of almost 1.5 million people. The city averages less than one gun homicide a month and it's big news when it happens. I see newspaper headlines talking about an epidemic because we have ALMOST one homicide a month. We are not saints. Horrible things happen here. We have gangs to. But I have never once felt an ounce of anxiety while walking local streets-never. Legally purchased firearms are regulated but reasonably easy to buy as long you pass background checks. Military style armory are banned. No one feels that their liberties are at risk. You ask for help in understanding on how fact/theory can be applied in the US. I  can't answer that. It's obviously not a black and white issue. It's just that as an observer, I don't understand why the gun status quo has to be written in stone and cannot be challenged. To me more guns is just more guns for criminals to steal, and more guns to be used in domestic violence.
    Okay I'm going to shut up know. I know I haven't really said anything the is really helpful other than to say there has got to be a better way. I not bashing America, I just ache for you. If you have read this far I am soory for the ramble. It just kept coming and I couldn't. I'm shutting up NOOOOW!  :))
  • 2nd amendment

    Do I have to be a fool to believe those greedy politicians care about protecting my 2nd amendment rights.  The politicians couldn't get the money from gun manufactures if they didn't.  I would think.  So by giving the money to the politicians that support the 2nd amendment they are supporting my rights. Yes-no.
    I don't think the 2nd amendment has been under attack as much as it has been recently.