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  • 2nd amendment

    Sorry, the nauseum and spitting war comment was not directed at yourself. I just recently bowed out of a discussion where someone made an untrue statement. I called him on it with actual verified facts. He refused to except that he was wrong. He kept countering with one false statement after another which I proved wrong every single time. It's that kind of wasted time that led to my nausem comment.
     Anyway you're on to me. I am Canadian. Before anyone tells me to butt out of American business please be aware the NRA also supplies funds to Canadian gun advocacy groups. They helped defeat what was known as the " the national long gun registry". The Provence of Quebec maintained there own registry which the NRA is now crying foul over. As well you shud know that 70% of guns seized from Canadian criminals, are guns that were stolen from US homes by US criminals and then smuggled into Canada. So yes I have every right to comment on your affairs.
    Now Robert, of course we both want less murders, but how can more guns accomplish that? I live in a city of almost 1.5 million people. The city averages less than one gun homicide a month and it's big news when it happens. I see newspaper headlines talking about an epidemic because we have ALMOST one homicide a month. We are not saints. Horrible things happen here. We have gangs to. But I have never once felt an ounce of anxiety while walking local streets-never. Legally purchased firearms are regulated but reasonably easy to buy as long you pass background checks. Military style armory are banned. No one feels that their liberties are at risk. You ask for help in understanding on how fact/theory can be applied in the US. I  can't answer that. It's obviously not a black and white issue. It's just that as an observer, I don't understand why the gun status quo has to be written in stone and cannot be challenged. To me more guns is just more guns for criminals to steal, and more guns to be used in domestic violence.
    Okay I'm going to shut up know. I know I haven't really said anything the is really helpful other than to say there has got to be a better way. I not bashing America, I just ache for you. If you have read this far I am soory for the ramble. It just kept coming and I couldn't. I'm shutting up NOOOOW!  :))