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NRA Tries To Block New York Gun Law

edited September 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 8

ALBANY -- The New York branch of the National Rifle Association asked a federal judge Tuesday to grant an injunction to block the state's new gun law from going into effect.

The gun rights group contends that the new gun law, enacted one month after the Newtown, Conn., school massacre, violates the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment. Some requirements of the law went into effect Monday, spurring the injunction request by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

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  • Posts: 17
    If there is anyways around the NRA, we the people of the USA have to rewrite the Constitution.  That's the only way it is going to get done.  Bottom line.  I don't see anything happening as far as getting rid of guns on the streets, unless that is done. 

  • Maybe one day instead of politicians fighting over how many bullets you can put in a magazine, like this current NRA ordeal references, they will actually start talking about the real problem.  They won't, though, because it is very hard to pander for votes when your voters are crying about more gun laws, while what they really need to hear is advice on how start impacting the kind of change, education, and culture than minimizes violence a lot more, and to help implement prevention and detection of psychological conditions that lead to more of it.

    But that's way too hard.  It's easier to play law games that blame inanimate objects.
  • Posts: 22
    If only it were that simple. It's not about pandering to voters, considering ammending to the constitution or even the possible belief in the "safety" of allowing citizens to bear arms.

    It's about power and money, In that order.
    Even when it's in their neighborhoods, which it rarely is mind you, they still stand staunchly against the remote possibility of changing the laws. The reason being, they know just how quickly their relevance can fade, and even with all the money , they must still maintain their stronghold over their constituents, or else be forgotten among the fray .
  • Posts: 8
    Yikes. I'm okay with US citizens bearing arms if they're fully responsible, trained, and hopefully willing to show restraint before they pull out a gun, but it's seemingly impossible to have any sort of proper conversation about gun control with the NRA around. I understand that rights groups exist to tout the line for their respective causes, but I think the NRA goes too far. Especially considering how much damage some gun wielders can cause.
  • So you can own a 10 round clip as long as you only load 7 rounds?  The way I see it is if you can't neutralize a single threat with 7 rounds, you obviously aren't going to stop them regardless of the number of rounds

    If its a 5 person threat, or more, you're probably dead either way.
  • It does violate the constitution and second amendment! It violates basic human rights as well. We all have a right to defend ourselves. The government is trying to take away our rights little by little.
  • I think that some points of that law are kind of silly. For example, not being able to load the 10-round gun fully.  What are those three bullets going to do that the other seven couldn't accomplish? But I agree with outlawing semi-autos.  Why would you, as a civilian, need them?
  • I don't think that they are trying to take our rights away. I think they are trying to keep us safe. I think that some of the new laws are a bit silly like you TommiGunn31.
  • Posts: 234
    The only way to make guns totally safe is to make all people totally safe,until then no law in the world is going to change the fact that a gun in the wrong hands is dangerous.I am not saying we should not try other things to improve safety but it has to be with common sense laws and regulations,but not by silly and proposterous laws and regulations.Like only 7 shots instead of 10 that's senseless,and I feel semi-auto's are no more dangerous then any other gun you still have to pull the trigger after each shot in order to shoot again that is not much faster then having to pull the hammer back each time or pump a new shell into the chamber a skilled gun shootist can do these things just about as quick as someone can simply pulling the trigger again.Now a fully auto-matic it should only be allowed on a shooting range or simply target practice.There is common sense laws that can be made for law abiding people that will work.Instead of simply saying you see no sense in having such a gun except to kill,most people I know that have fully automatic guns target shooting is there only use and purpose.I personally don't have any I can't afford to waist ammo like that,but that doesn't mean someone else shouldn't have one for this purpose.Labeling things have never been a good idea.You have remember none of this is going to change anything with the criminals.
  • If you ban or outlaw something, it will make people want it more.  I think extensive background checks are far enough.  If you outlaw guns, the only ones who will follow that are the ones who obey the law to begin with.  Do you think criminals will say, "well, it was against the law to kill people and I did that anyway, but buying guns when they are illegal is going too far?"

  • Posts: 21
    I have to say that it does make me laugh when individuals quite the second amendment as a way to keep guns from being banned or from even implementing background checks.  The reason I find this funny is because the second amendment is based on the way we viewed weapons centuries ago when there were basic muskets and bayonets.  I don't know if our founding fathers would of made this amendment so cut and dry had they known about the automatic machine guns that are around now. But leave it to the NRA to sue this argument yet again, I am not for a gun ban, just more excessive background checks.  This could help keep guns from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Posts: 234
    It doesn't really matter about the type,kind,or brand or anything if someone is going to murder they will do it.If one gun don't hold enough they will use two or more this is why it is so stupid them even trying to change any of this.Again the guns are not the real issue it is the person behind the gun,when everyone realizes this is when we can actually start dealing with the real issue.The constitution was written for then and all times,times may have changed but bad people surely have not improved they are still nasty and cruel.That is why the 2nd. amendment is still as important today as it was then,Americans had the need to protect themselves then as they do today if not more so.I think if our forefathers could see what they trying to do with the Constitution they would be ashamed.
  • Yeah.  I rescind my argument against semi-auto and automatic guns.  I found out that in some places you need them, like when there is an invasive species and the Wildlife Commission tells people they can help get rid of it.  I wasn't aware that non-Wildlife Commission personnel were able to do that.  I always thought you were supposed to call Animal Control or something.  I was told this mostly happens in Southern states.

  • Posts: 234
    I think all this blame that is put on the NRA is ridiculous they are just doing what most sane people want them to do is fight for our rights as Americans.I don't belong to the NRA but I am on their side and also their mailing list and vote for them when they need me to,you don't have to belong to the group in order to help them fight.That is the same for the the other gun groups to.The ones that don't respect our constitution,don't respect themselves or others either.To lose respect is to lose everything that is important.
  • I think the NRA is simply trying to come out against any regulations regarding guns, ammo and gun owners because we as a society need a large organized and funded organization to fight our battles. We have gotten past the point where going to a town hall meeting will be enough to change law-makers minds about anything we disagree with. I for one applaud them for fighting the fight for me. I have no idea how New York State intends to implement or enforce the law. That gives me pause. Will licensed gun owners in New York be targeted for spot checks? Or will they only add this as an additional charge on violent crimes? 
  • Point of clarification; this injunction was requested by the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

    The NYS Rifle & Pistol association of which I was a member, when I resided in NYS, is a State level organization completely independent of the National Rifle Association, an organization that promotes and protects the goals and rights of its members in NYS, although the NYS Rifle & Pistol association may cooperate with NRA, they are legally unaffiliated as a cooperation, with any other organizations.

    1. The NRA Association is a legally registered National organization composed of gun owners that wish to preserve their firearms and the second amendment, the NRA represents gun owners in Washington D.C. and other important issues as the need arises in States and compiles information and statistics on many issues and metrics involving gun control and politics and politicians.

    Each State also has State level organizations more in line with local issues, although these organizations cooperate with NRA on many issues, they remain completely independent of NRA, and maintain separate although similar goals and agendas.

    Cities have smaller clubs and ranges and memberships and deal with gun control at a small defined local level, often helping individuals with legal aid, in personal defense Court cases etc... these are also independent of NRA, or could have an affiliation with NRA while having an independent legal structure.

    The anti gun people have successfully alienated many potential members of NRA by campaigns of disinformation and painting NRA as an evil to be shunned, if not for NRA, we would have perhaps a complete ban on most firearms, much like the U.K. today.
  • "joshposhjoshposh
    August 2015 Posts: 7Thanks
    If there is anyways around the NRA, we the people of the USA have to rewrite the Constitution. That's the only way it is going to get done. Bottom line. I don't see anything happening as far as getting rid of guns on the streets, unless that is done."


    That is the real danger gun owners face, people that do not understand guns or gun owners, and think that changing the Constitution and banning guns will somehow help to make people safe, when nothing could be farther from the truth.
  • Every day, many guns are "removed off the street" every time a criminal is arrested by Police, their illegally owned firearms confiscated, and the criminal put in jail, and later released to commit more acts of violence, until they try to hurt a law abiding gun owner with a legal CPL or CCW, ending the criminals expensive to the public career of violent acts.
  • There are law abiding people that obey the law and people that do not obey the law, the later are criminals, you can't control criminals by any means, law abiding people obey thevlaws and thereby control themselves, self control.
    Makes a good slogan, self control, not gun control.

    Some people believe there are no law abiding people, that all people are potential criminals and should be treated as such.

    These same people believe that gun control reduces crime because they believe there us a relationship between guns and crime, NYS is proof positive that gun registration is a precursor to gun bans and gun confiscation, yet has zero effect on crime, or lowering of crime or even affecting criminal activity.

    Stop & frisk as odious to personal liberties a concept as it is, did in fact reduce crime, problem is that it specifically targeted GANGS and thugs wearing gangsta clothing, congregating on street corners and selling drugs, ordinary people walking to work and behaving themselves were never the target of stop & frisk programs.
    Lots of illegal guns and drugs get taken off the street that way.

    Criminals continue to get arrested, serve time, then commit another crime after another, until they get killed by Police or a criminal or a Law abiding person with a legal CPL.

    Crime is only reduced by attrition, otherwise the criminal will continue to re-offend, unless the criminal reforms and changes their life and that is indeed, very rare.
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