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Another gun massacre, this time in Lafayette, LA. America needs to get rid of the guns!

edited September 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
This evening, July 23, 2015 in Lafayette, LA, a lone gunman sitting in a packed movie theater stood up and began firing into the crowd, killing two and injuring at least seven others before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.

Another tragedy in America.  Many more people are being killed by our own Americans with guns than by terrorists, as stated recently by President Obama.  We need to get the guns off the streets, for the sake of our children!


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    I agree this particular incident, among with many others, was really unsettling. I don't really understand why no measures are being implemented. Politics is not my domain of expertise, but just like Obama said, we're the only nation in the world that doesn't have common sense laws for gun control. This needs to be changed urgently, for the sake of everyone. 
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    Guns and have been around for a really long time. Everyone has access to them either legally or illegally, many have them illegally. If guns were made illegal then the only people that would still have them are the people who have them illegally, that would leave law abiding citizens with no protection from those who didn't follow the law. People who do things like shooting up theaters are the ones who obviously don't care about the law.
  • This is a disgusting incident of gun violence, but does it mean guns should be completely outlawed? No. I am relatively anti gun, but I feel that completely banning firearms would not be an effective solution. Rather, I believe the focus should shift to firearm control. It appears that the theater shooter, like many other mass shooters, had history of mental illness, and as for how how a mentally ill man was allowed to own a gun, I have no clue. Banning is not the answer, regulation is.
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    Banning the guns would only force a larger sale of them. I wish the violence surrounding guns didn't exist, but as we all know, the more it continues to happen, the more in the spotlight they will be, also plunging the laws that protect the unregulated nature of the sales right along with them.
  • Posts: 17 do you propose we get guns off the street.  Please give us an answer and not just demands.  Any idea is better then no idea.  Because it has been played out one to many times here. 

    There is no way we can get all of the guns of the streets.  Some guns in the right hands are actually saving lives and for protection.  If a gun law was placed and all gun asked to be turned in, you think the bad element of society will actually give them up?  I doubt that.  Law biding citizens that are responsible for their guns are left defenseless.
  • I'm pretty sure the problem isn't guns, it's people.  After all, in the past one could get a gun easier than today by purchasing it through mail order for crying out loud.  So by putting the spotlight on the object (gun) you are at best attempting to put a band aid on a real wound, while at worst distracting from the real problem (human psychology/animal past).  You are actually helping derail real problem solving by shifting people away to an object.  Does anyone really think banning swords would have solved the unwarranted sword attacks by bad guys in the past?
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    I think the gun issue in America is more of a social issue than anything else. People resort to violence when they do not have a basic need met. This is something worth considering from the regular spate of shootings. 
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    I doubt a gun ban would work in the United States in a similar fashion as other countries. Gun culture is too strong in the US, and besides, the country is just too big and has too many people to effectively police every single person. There does, however, have to be some fundamental overhauls of gun ownership and processing of permits. I agree with FrankieD in the sense that people are largely to blame, not necessarily the weapons themselves, and it's more important to deal with the psychology of those most likely to engage in gun violence than to impose a blanket ban that will only invoke resentment. I'm all for no guns, but a complete ban won't work.

    I'd nevertheless argue that some guns simply need to be kept out of the public's hands, regardless of 'rights'. When the constitution was being written, guns were slow-loading muskets. Now they're automatics and semi-automatics that can kill multiple people in short order. If you're going to start anywhere, start with assault rifles and the like.
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    It's one thing to ban the sale of guns, it's another thing entirely to protect citizens from themselves by providing deterrence in obtaining and security to avoid the necessity.

    Many of the guns on the streets come from here, not other countries. Many of the grievances causing unnecessary violence also comes from here. The people are fed up on both sides of the aisle, with the time for talking screeching to a halt. Social issues may be the cause but no one is interested in fixing it anymore, which is why the violence suddenly seems so prevalent.
  • If someone wants a gun, they can get a gun. It doesn't matter if they make more laws because most of the people doing these shootings have these guns illegally anyway. They can get them off the street, they don't need a license to carry for that. If the police catch them, it might be an issue, but if they bought it this way, they're not really worried about the police catching them.
  • I don't think that it means we should get rid of the guns.  Guns are merely the vessel of a broken mind.  I think that instead of taking away guns, gun safety needs to be taught to anyone who buys a piece.  Whether you get taught by a responsible gun owner or have to take classes in gun safety.  I also think that all health insurance should cover mental disability.  That is a very big cause of gun-related deaths.  Treat the cause to cure the disease. 
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    I agree guns are not the problem it is the person or persons using it.It has been proven time and time again that it is not the sane and responsible gun owners using them in this way(for murder).It is the mentally disturbed doing all the shooting and do you think they really care where or how they get the gun.We need better mental heath care and be available for all,not just people that can afford it,instead the government reduces mental heath care.If you are not willing to start at the beginning your not going to get to the end.I also think it should be on the persons record if they have mental problems or background checks don't do much good.These are the things we need to fight for with our politicians.
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