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Should gun safety be taught in Schools?



  • Posts: 7
    I don't think it is a good idea. There's a right time for that and I don't think it's for kids. I like the idea that it is for safety but why not self defence lessons instead? That is more acceptable for me.
  • For me i think yes but it must be in highschool were students are more mature. Mature enough that they will know the danger of guns and other firearms.
  • Posts: 44
    100% no because gun its use to kill people i think we have another teknics to prevent the problem not the solution the gun thats all
  • Look I'm all up for educating kids about safety and whatnot, but I wouldn't go as far as to get into technical specifications and detail of guns. I would maybe give them the main gist of it, and the safety hazard involved. But you'd also have to make sure the instructor is professional and the learning material has to be directed at safety not "Desert Eagle eye candy"

    You know what I mean?
  • Yes it should 

    I am for gun rights, however people also need to know that they can be dangerous. It just like drugs. I support legalizing drugs but people must know that they can be dangerous if handled innappropriately. Guns should be used for safety, and that needs to be stressed, so I do believe that gun safety is important and should be taught in schools.

  • Definitely yes! It's one way to raise awareness on proper ownership of a gun and avoid future misused of it. It should be taught to the young ones that having a gun is a big responsibility, it is made not to harm people but to protect them.
  • They should do teach kids about a basic thing about guns but when they grow up, I think that's the proper or actual time that they need to learn how to fire or used it in case of emergencies.
  • Hi there!

    In my own opinion, it will not be a good idea to teach kids and let them handle a gun even in school. Even though the purpose of this is to teach them how to defend themselves, there will be irresponsible kids that might hurt others or even there self. Children are easily carried by their emotion and any moment time will come that their emotions will lead them by killing others.
  • I think its not a bad idea to teach gun safety for every student. The more we keep people ignorant about gun makes them want to use it more. Teenage years is the most active time of our life, we like to try everything even if our parents tell us not to do it.
  • Due to rampant of news headlines about gun shooting in the school, a church, a movie house, etc. A lesson about guns is a good suggestion. The do’s and don’ts about it. Explaining to the kids that guns are real, it can cause fatalities if not handled properly, and it is not a toy to be played.
  • Posts: 6
    I agree that Gun Safety should be taught in school especially in Secondary School. Because nowadays, children are very much exposed in that kind of weapon through TV and social media and they should be guided properly not only at home but in school. They should learned all of the safety measures involving firearms.
  • It is hard to personally own a gun in our country. It costs much here. Even though many people here do not have guns, I still agree that it should be thought in school so that the children will be guided properly on how to handle it in case they have it later on. The main reason to is for safety purposes.
  • I think it's a good option for schools to add gun safety to their curriculum. That way, students will be more familiar on how to safely handle a gun. It would also educate them with regards to how a gun could easily take one's life, including the bearer's. Gun safety could change the younger generations perspective as on how to handle a gun and on how it could affect others including his/herself. However, schools must first consult this with the parents if this subject is appropriate with the student.
  • For me it's a yes, and it is good. It doesn't mean that when you taught gun safety in school, they should have a gun for them selves. It's just about giving them the knowledge how to use a gun.
  • Yes. It is great to educate children at a young age regarding the proper usage and consequence of not responsible ownership of a gun. In this way, We can avoid future irresponsible gun owners.
  • Yes, I agree to that, as long as the one who will teach it are experts and only for mature students. At least, the information will come from reliable people and not just from anybody. It should emphasize also on the safety and maybe some self-defense lessons. And maybe give psychological tests and feedback to know if how each student benefited from the lesson. It should be carefully drafted because it's a sensitive and controversial topic.
  • 100℅ YES. Not only gun safety but
    Shooting Competitions should be held as well as Self Defense Proficiency Subjects and Courses should be included in the school curriculum.
    Why? Well that's to create and teach
    the next Generation survival and defense skills that they will use for
    the rest of their lives. Take a good
    look at Israel and South Korea, all of
    their citizens have to serve in their
    military. That's why all their citizens
    are trained in weapons, self defense
    and fighting. They'll be benefitting
    from the training they got for the rest
    of their lives.
  • From my own point of view, I would say yes because guns are widely used now a days all over the world by even minors already that is why it is important to teach them about gun safety so that they can protect themselves from the danger of unauthorized use for it and also for them to learn the basic uses of gun not just for personal and safety uses.
  • My answer to the question is yes. Safety use of a gun should be taught in school because nowadays, there are so many instances that many persons from all ages are killed due to mishandling of guns. Some children consider it that it is a toy while some think that is for life defense. Educating the students related to this matter aids the parents to prevent future problems related to guns.
  • The school should teach student on what can a gun bring if misuse. They must have a warning to make them warn to touch a gun if they don't know how to use it. A clear explanation on where guns use and who should keep it. And especially the responsibility of having one.
  • It definitely should be! There are countries that ban its citizens, apart for some professionals, from owning a gun. Now even in this case, people are still curious about owning one and will do anything to get one ending up buying from under the table resulting to misuse or accidents in most cases. Its for the sake of curiosity that's why. 
  • The school is an institution for acquiring all sorts of knowledge and I definitely believe that teaching about guns safety should be among the things students are taught there. This is probably going to afford them the opportunity to learn the dangers of illegally acquiring a gun and using it without proper gun education, as any accidents would result to fatal outcome.

    I strongly believe that with teaching about guns safety in school, the students eyes would be opened to how to go about dealing with guns should they come in contact with it unknowingly or by accident.
  • Selfdefense and Weaponry should be thought in schools including weapons safety of course. Student's nowadays are kinda soft, most of them doesn't know how to fight and defend themselves resulting to bullying. What will happen if there's a war and all the students have nil survival and defense skills. It would be a very very short war wouldn't you think?
  • Posts: 5
    I think a gun should be taught in schools in how to be responsible in handling it because many people do not know how to be responsible in handling a gun specially to teenagers. Many people die from reckless shooting every day, and it should end by now because there are always many innocent people got shot from the unknown gun specially to the children.
  • I think that gun safety should be taught to school. This way accidental shooting of guns will  be prevented. School aged children and  young adults will be well versed regarding the use of gun and they will know when and when not to use them. The more they know about a certain subject the more responsible they will be in handling them in the future.
  • Yes gun safety and the danger aspects of the gun should be taught in school but schools should not taught students how to operate a gun.
  • Yes, I think it should be taught in school, from the early grades. Children need to be aware of the danger that a gun can provoke, they should know what to do in case of a gun attack, and they should be taught how to keep themselves safe. There have benn way too many cases of guns attacks at schools and highschools, the panic is everywhere and children should know the basic things when it comes to gun safety.
  • In a country that allows anyone to have a gun ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!  Here in Canada you have to take gun safety in order to purchase a gun. And apply for a license that actually has some questions about your mental health on it!  

    I suppose I just wish that everyone who thought to even touch a firearm would have some knowledge of it before hand.  
  • Posts: 66
    I think it would be a healthy choice but it would be sooo controversial.  Would you teach it from Pro or Anti point of view?  That would be great if it could be taught from an unbiased point maybe the dicusions would be productive.
  • By all means, and the National Rifle Association has the resources & qualified personnel to provide such training to public schools across the country.

    BettyG:  by no means does the US "allow(s) anyone to have a gun," but I completely concur with your "ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!."
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