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Restrictions on releasing guns.

Today, guns are seemingly common to everyone, as anyone can buy a gun, can own a gun, can possess a gun. But let me stress this, Is there any crime if guns are not just sold everywhere? Is there a crime if the only one who carry a gun are only those who are serving the country like Military and Police? Is there any crime if ordinary citizens cannot possess their own gun as it isn't necessary for them to have so? What do you think?


  • In our country, it is very difficult to own a licensed gun because of the requirements. There's even a required bond for the license. You also need to present several clearances aside from the psychological exam results. However, it is a wonder how the criminal elements are able to acquire their guns. To be honest, I don't have a gun, licensed or not.
  • There is no crime if guns become restricted. I also prefer only the military and police to handle guns. It should be made illegal to own a gun by just anyone except the police. Gun licensing should be done for the military and police.

    That is how it works in my country but there are citizens who own a gun without anyone's knowledge.
  • In my country it is not mandatory to posses a gun. Guns are a working tool for the police and army people. Apart from them there are two categories of people who own guns. The first ones are the filthy rich who want to flaunt there status. The second category belongs to the antisocial, corrupt and unwise strata of people who possess a gun through illegal means. Apparently they must be using it for illegal work only.

    With this present situation, the crime rate is pretty high. The most insecure ones are the middle class people. It is until people work on improving self nothing can be brought under control. All the rules and regulations will end up as a failure.
  • There is need for some civilians to own a gun and not just the military or the police. There are lots of domestic violence that goes on which one can protect himself and family from by just owning a private licensed gun. Although, some people abuse it's ownership and usage but it's not proper to rule it's benefits completely because of the actions of deviant few.

    I agree with on saying that guns sales should be made to be sold in a particular place, probably a company with the contract for doing, and anyone who desire to buy and own a gun just be profiled in order to be sure such weapon that is capable of killing someone with just one shot isn't being sold to anyone that might be radical and prone to committing acts of violence.
  • Let's talk real talk. Here in my country, it's not easy to own a gun legally. If you want to own a gun in an illegal way, you can have it anytime in a black market. It's not guns fault but a man behind it.  
  • Today everyone can easily have access to guns and it is VERY disappointing because a lot of people mishandles it. It's time for the government to .be extra strict when it comes to releasing guns. Illegal possession of guns is a huge threat for everyone and a lot of people are being killed because of that, and it's very saddening.
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    I believe there are some country that are not too restrict for a civilian to own a gun. They can buy it anywhere and have it. But I grow up in a country that it is very difficult for a civilian to have a gun because of arduous profiling and only a police or a military serving the country has it. I personally prefer the later one, because I feel more safe if only armed forces serving the country owns gun as they are bounded by law in using those weapon.
  • Yes I agree on that gun should be restricted, it is to avoid to be released or to be given to undesirable people or groups that might use these gun for unlawful activities. It had been a trend already that guns that can be bought by anyone as long as you have the money and influence to the people around you. With a possible restriction in releasing fire arms, I think crime rates will also decrease since unlawful elements cannot be just buy or be given a gun immediately unless there  are no proper approval and a valid  reason to acquire guns.
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    I agree yes the gun need to be restricted to prevent crime because many people used gun in not good reason its use to bullying people and to kill even nice man.because of gun like when you a drunk and you hava a gun may use it because mind not knowing at all
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    It's must be restricted, but only to carry a gun.  Guns should not bring or carry by anyone outside their house.  Anyone who carry a gun must be arrested.   
  • In our country owning a licensed gun is so hard. On the other hand buying Unlicensed is too easy same us buying groceries on the supermarket, even teens in our area have one. That why the increased on gun related crimes in our have exponentially increase.
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    Crime has existed far before guns, and there is no need for guns in crime. You can murder, rape, steal and preform all other sorts of crime without laying a finger on a gun. Restricting guns does not stop the motivations for preforming this crime, so there is no reason to believe going and putting restrictions on guns will stop the crime
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