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What Scares You Most about Guns?



  • when you have a gun, you have the power to kill. Thats is the most scarriest thing about guns. It can take away your like in a second.
  • I agree with you Maelalove sometimes we need guns to protect us, there's always a good thing having a gun so I'm in to not fully ban the gun just control it.
  • I don't really like guns. I get shivers when I walk besides a police carrying the big AK47. I also heard about some guns which people call silencers. The thought of someone shooting someone else and not hearing a sound of a gun is more scary. I would rather you carry arrows near me but not guns. :D
  • It's not that I'm that scared when the talk of guns is being mentioned, but with the rate of killings going on around the world and the recent open fire that always engulf most of the regions, I'm quite afraid of guns entering the wrong hands. I don't think I will be comfortable to see that happen which is the reason I always push for strict laws that guide how guns are being distributed around the community.

  • I grew up with guns because my father was a hunter and target shooter. We were fully oriented with the proper use of guns. But guns can be in the wrong hands and that would be scary. I had an experience with my brother-in-law who got drunk one time. He got hold of his father's gun and tried to scare people. I know that he didn't have the guts to shoot people but that's a dangerous antic. Incidents like that can result in accidental shooting.
  • Whenever I see a gun I always fear its accidental use. There have been so many incidences when many innocent people lost their lives only because of the negligence of those handling guns. This is the reason why I prefer to stay away from any social gatherings where flaunting of guns is allowed.
  • It's already an established fact that guns kills and there is not completely stopping it from entering into the wrong hands because of several guns peddlers existing in our society today and also not forgetting the activities of gun smugglers.

    The only fear I would say about guns is misfiring and jamming probably in cause of battle by a recognized personnel like the military or police. This would mean the death of such person.
  • Guns are always the go-to when violence breaks out. Sometimes it's not even violence, but small squabbles between family members and friends that lead a person into picking up a gun. The most dangerous consequence of having a gun is the pride that comes with it, and the feeling of superiority above all beings. This can be the factor that ends people in sensitive moments such as disagreements. When someone holds a gun, they feel that no one should be talking back or doing anything different from what they are told. Any defiant behaviour may lead to being shot by the person in question. My fear of guns is not based on them fallimginto the wrong hands, because even the right hands can change unto the wrong ones in sensitive moments when pride is at its peak.
  • Guns don't kill people. People kill people, and trust me, a sociopath doesn't need to own a gun to kill, not one person but many. 
    Even if a law enforcement is so successful in completely eradicating guns from a civilian part of the population, a sociopath will always find a way to build a bomb or to bring an automatic piece and level the theater. 
    For a normal person holding a gun has nothing with a power, more with how to use it without shooting yourself in the leg, lol.
  • What I really fear about gun is that I observed to some people owned a gun, they are more brave and fierce when facing their enemy or someone they were arguing with. And sometimes they cannot control themselves and kill someone without second thoughts and regret later. I owned a gun and I only have it for protection. I don't bring it all the time I just keep it in a safe place I'm afraid that it might found by my 7 years old son and he might think that it was a toy and play with it. 
  • Yes, the greatest concern with possessing a gun is its protection from kids. Kids are very inquisitive about everything and will definitely try to use a gun. Keeping it at a safe and unreachable palce is the prime requirement. 
  • What scares me most about guns is the fact that it is made to kill or hurt someone or something. Also, there are people out there with illegal possession of guns and mishandles it. Although guns are also made for protection, guns are used as self-defense, but we can't deny that there are people out there who are irresponsible users

  • What scares me the most is it can kill people even its an accident. I dont know why people who shoudnt handle a gun. Wants a gun. They want power even it was so dangerous. Its hard to see people go die in a gun by accident. I expirience it on my own.
  • Posts: 6
    It is the person who holds the gun scares me the most. Because that person decides if he uses the gun responsibly and reasonably in any cases. I won't bother if I saw a policeman or military in their uniform having a gun with them in the street but if I saw strange man having a gun on the street, that would make me run especially now that there's a lot of cases of terrorism in crowded places.
  • What scares me most would be the fact that one mistake with guns you may end your life or other people's life.
  • Posts: 2
    We all know that carrying a gun is a very dangerous thing because it can leads to a sudden death for everyone. Though some says its for your own protection but I don't believe in that perception. Guns are only for Policemen and Military's section not for just an ordinary person who can buy himself and used it for personal. I can say that this weapon is just like a Demon wherein it attempts you to pull the trigger. Stay away from Guns and you'll live longer.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Actually I'm not afraid or scared to guns, I'm scared to the people who holding that gun.  I don't know exactly what going on inside their mind.  first of all, why they need the guns? and if ever, are they responsible enough to have that gun? there's actually nothings wrong about the guns, unless to the wrong person!
  • It's called "open carry."  "Flaunting" of a firearm isn't allowed and in some cases could be seen as "brandishing" depending on the circumstances.

    I'm not really scared about firearms in general.  I've been around them in some way or another my entire life.  I carry whenever I can, wherever I can.  
    The scary part is the lack of education. 
  • Posts: 44
    I think all people no fear to gun the only fear is the people who handle of gun if the people handling a gun is no good or bad people or bully people i thinks this is the factor that im fear to gun because the people handle of this gun is no good or not authorized person.
  • It is not the gun which is fearful but the one who is using it. Any object, not only gun, if handed over to a wrong person, might be a weapon to cause fatality or destruction. Guns will not cause any harm to anybody unless given to a wrong person or due to carelessness.
  • People with psychological tendencies or situations beyond their control should never ever ever be allowed near guns.

    Imagine a suicidal person who lives in a home where a gun is available, I understand that they would have done harm in any other way, the gun just makes it an easier option.

    Same goes for domestic abuse, in the heat of a moment someone idiotic enough could pull the trigger on their spouse.

    Thats the scary part, I don't think that EVERYONE should have guns nearby.
  • What scare me most about guns is it can instantly take peoples lives. Imagine, with just a single shot and a single bullet it can already end a precious life. Some people that has a gun also have a tendency to be more prone to rage since they can use a gun anytime.
  • Everything about guns scare me but !most important the persons who desire to own them, why exactly do people need guns again, its extremely pointless and dangerous.
  • It scares me when someone will use guns in a bad way. Especially everytime when I hear the news that there are massive shootings and the culprit used his collection of guns. Many innocent lives were wasted just because of his actions. The government should impose more strict law on gun control and limit the possession of guns to a certain number. Because guns should be used in a good way.
  • What scares me the most about guns are when a person or people used it in a harmful or owned by a wrong person, like they will tend to use it for a mass shooting or anything that will harm other people. And also, it scares me when some police used it as an alternative for a firework, like shoot in the air during New Year.
  • What scares me about guns is when it handed into irresponsible person. It can easily ended a life, so when it is got into the hands of a mad man just imagine the chaos it will bring.
  • Well, the scariest part of gun is that it is a weapon capable of taking life with just a pull of a trigger. The main reason why guns have replaced swords/arrows is that it could kill in an instant from afar. You do have a good there that guns are much scarier if they fall into the wrong hands. Guns could either be for good or for bad. In the end it is not the gun that is scary, but rather the one holding it.
  • I think it is not the gun i should be scared of, it's the owner or the user of the gun. It is not a toy and should be used only when a time comes that you should use it. You should use your gun exactly how your permit allows you to use it. i think authorities do tests to anyone that is requesting permission to own or carry a gun. Owners and carriers should know their responsibilities for using their gun. Of course it only applies if you are not criminal, or planning to do something illegal, but i think that falls to another kind of topic.
  • If they are kept in gun safe(gun safe guide). every people must have to place gun in gun safe to protect gun to others.
  • The fact that guns can kill someone, what makes a gun even more dangerous is when it goes to the wrong hands.
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