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American vs. Australian Gun Control

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 0
Hey there everyone, I just started a blog that compares America and Australia, but my two most recent posts are about shooting and gun control! Check it out!


  • Interesting article and thanks for sharing. There are a lot of factors that play a role in how things run in a country. And I don't think the people have enough say on how things should go. There's too much propaganda put out by a biased one sided view of people.
  • I like your blog. That you for sharing it. I find your point of view very interesting. I hope to read more.
  • I like this blog.  It's well-written and well-informed.  You are able to present a point of view without demonizing anyone or putting them on the defensive.  It is very fact-based.  Good job.

  • I read this blog, I left comments on it too, unless I read a different blog, it was tge same old anti gun tripe with no facts or citations of support t like a thesis must have.
  • Yes just more violence policy boiler plate and no facts except quotes from anti gun sources.......
    No facts and many stupid anti gun stereotypical cartoons, how did anyone think the stuff presented had any facts ? so she went shooting, big deal, just more calls for gun control.....
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