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Opinion on gun control..

So I've been hearing a lot of debates on gun control over the last while... I just wanna know some thing basic... what are everyone's thoughts??? For gun control or against gun control ?? And why??


  • Posts: 9
    here is the reality of all this gun control nonsense .. this is the truth .. this is what Americans think and want ..... also pay close attention to the adfly link videos in the description .. The world is not blind ...
  • Posts: 24
    Well it is really a subject that cannot be summed up easily, but I do think that part of the equation has to be us not letting these automatic weapons get to the streets.  I am not sure how to go about doing that, and I am sure that most options have been explored, but that seems like an important step, to me at least.  Thanks for sharing.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    He wants students to have guns in schools, and even teachers. He doesn't care about the fact that what he states is an opinion, he wants what he believes to be right. I guess he doesn't care about the though of more crimes being commited with guns, more students who fight will more likely use a gun and there will be plenty of more shoot outs. 

    Gun violence will rise, it doesn't matter if the criminals won't go shooting up places, more people will die from other gun crimes. It's not like most Americans are dying from mass shootings. More people are being killed by cops alone. 
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