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Why are you against gun control?

edited June 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 15
Why are you against gun control? What are the reasons you feel that the government should not be involved in further regulating gun sales and ownership?


  • Because most gun control if not all gun control consists of regulating law abiding folks not the criminal..... The day gun control takes guns away from the criminals only, wake me up, or call me.
    The 3 strikes program worked well.
    Why is it that bank robbers are almost NEVER charged with Federal gun charges like violation / possesion of NFA class lll firearms or machineguns/ short barreled firearms etc ?
    Answer: only law abiding citizens get charged with those bogus charges, often erroneously.
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    I wish I knew where you received your research from, you know, the research that said only law abiding citizens are charged with possession or other gun violations. There are so many legitimate rerasons to be anti gun control, perhaps you can locate one and show it to me, because the above is just opinion without any reasoning what so ever. 
  • Just do some research through actual court cases in the U.S., the idea is to prosecute major offenses, firearms violations are usually eliminated.
  • Often times when you see someone being prosecuted for firearms offenses, those are the only real charges, for example, Bernard Goetz of NYC was charged with illegal possesion and carry of a revolver.
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    I'm not against gun control as long as whatever rules are made are consistent and fair and apply to everyone. But how do you enforce control? That's the big problem.

    I think everyone would be okay with only the police or military having guns, if it wasn't a well-known fact that criminals have ways of getting hold of guns that bypass any law made.

    If you could control that, we could also have a more secure environment for our children to grow up in.
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    here is the reality of all this gun control nonsense .. this is the truth .. this is what Americans think and want ..... also pay close attention to the adfly link videos in the description .. The world is not blind ...
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    I can agree to one thing, setup a method where anyone wanting to own a gun has to take a course in use and care of guns, or must have an honorable discharge from the armed forces. The course would serve as a permit saying that the individual has had appropriate safety and handling education for use of a firearm. It does not say how many guns or what type of guns he has, it merely states he is qualified to have firearms. This permit would serve as a permit to carry concealed or open, in any state or city . This would increase the safety factor to some extent, but it would not prevent all accidents no more than drivers education is going to prevent all automobile accidents. We don't ban automobiles even though they kill more people than guns every year and can be used in commission of crime. Having guns in the hands of honest trained citizen would put more people in place to prevent things like happened in Orlando, California, and such. Think gun control is going to work, ask the people in France hoe its working. Or California, or Washington DC or even Chicago, the combat zone of the United States. Police do not have weapons to protect you and me, they are for their protection. 98% of the time police will never make it to a place in time to prevent a killing of any kind, they will be there in time to pick up the dead bodies and send them off to the morgue. Finally, If you and I were in a bar such as the no guns allowed bar in Orlando(which by the way is probably one of the reasons it was chosen), and I guy comes through the door shooting. I turn to you and offer you a cell phone or a 45 auto, which are you going to choose. If your smart you will take the 45 where you stand a chance, or you can take the the cell phone and dial 911, by the time they answer the phone though you are dead.
    Leave my guns alone! You dont want to carry thats great you should not have to, if you and I are in the same room and something bad happens, I will protect you as well as myself.
  • I do not think guns need to be taken away from people. I do believe if you own a gun, you MUST register it under your name. I do not think other people should ever be in possession of someone elses guns. Thats where we need to start. We will NEVER be able to take everyones guns away. Do you think "bad people" are going to turn their guns in? Probably not. 
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