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Lethal accidents rarely happen w/knives, but often w/guns. See excerpt from article below:

edited January 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
This is why we need to get rid of the guns.  Poor boy!!!  If he had found a knife, do you think he would have stabbed himself?:

Yesterday a 2 yr. old boy in Orlando found a small caliber gun in a truck parked outside a home when it went off and hit him, according to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

Ethan Walker was airlifted to Arnold Palmer Hospital. He remained in critical condition on Tuesday, deputies said.

Detectives are still trying to determine if he accidentally shot himself or if the gun somehow discharged. They have interviewed several people, including family members, deputies said.

Deputies said a family member drove to the home to drop something off and left the boy in the truck's back seat when he went inside. The boy saw the gun and went to the front, deputies said.

A man called 911 to report a "child with a gunshot wound." A woman could be heard in the background crying during the 911 call.

Deputies have not said if any charges will be filed in the case.


  • I think it is more of a matter of safely handling the gun. Keeping it safely locked away from children would be a start to that. Was the gun in the front seat? That's what it sounds like, so why didn't one of the adults take the gun with them, or leave it in the glove department or somewhere where he wouldn't see it? Or, even better, actually take the two year old child with them and watch over them?
  • Posts: 15
    This is the problem. For every responsible, intelligent, gun owner on here, there are 100 other people like this out there, leaving their gun lying around, kids too young or uneducated having access to them, people mentally unstable, unethical, uneducated, on and on. Guns are dangerous. Guns repeatedly kill innocent people. Why do people want to deny that?
  • Because it is NOT true ! at least in the U.S. the math proves you to lie, the average gun owner does not leave guns lying around anymore than the average gun owner of the U.K.
    You have an irrational fear of many things and objects, and as someone that was very afraid, and got help, my advice is you should seek council from a Psychiatrist, you face greater challenges from yourself, no guns there.....
  • First off why was there a 2 year old in a car without an adult present? So many idiots in the world ruining everything for those who exercise safety and common sense. Now the other way this story would have gone had a gun not been involved was "that child over heated in a closed up car". I'm getting sick of the media.
  • Posts: 5
    Probably he would've lived on many days, very disturbing news. Also, lots of criminals wouldn't have the guts to cut through someone with a knife, meanwhile everyone can trigger a gun, and if gun weren't so easily to procure, we wouldn't have so high rates of crimes and deaths.
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