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Obama to sign Executive Order requiring sellers at gun shows to register as dealers. RIDICULOUS!!!

edited January 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6

The White House announced new executive actions on gun control Monday, including a requirement for those "in the business of selling firearms" -- including online or at gun shows -- to register as a licensed gun dealer.

As a result of the move, background checks would be required for individuals purchasing firearms in those ways. There is currently no licensing requirement for private sellers online or at gun shows, and only licensed dealers are required to conduct background checks on individuals.

This is ridiculous.  If I want to sell 1 gun this year, I now need to register as a dealer???  This is an encroachment on the 2nd amendment!!!

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     It definitely IS a total disregard for the 2nd. amendment, but there's no surprise here. This despot has no regard for our legal system, including the separation of powers that keep us from being reduced to a banana republic! I think he would love to see a revolution, because he knows he would win (sheer firepower), and the people left standing, or bowing, would be easy to control!
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    You have got to be kidding me! This is not some bubble gum, or a brand new handbag, this is a weapon purchased with the express purpose of putting lead into some one else's body with the exclusive reason of maiming or killing. There is no multi use, perhaps you plan on buying a gun to injure by pistol whipping but it is still used to hurt someone. There should be more action regarding who can purchase or sell guns.....Yet I am sure you are one of the right winged nuts who would argue to keep out certain groups of people even if they were born here because of an irrational fear of a RELIGION! Please make a point about something other than your second amendment....amendments have been changed to suit the needs of the people and they will continue to change as long as the broad diversity of this union get used to it....
  • This is absolutely ridiculous and such a blow to our Second amendment right. As unconstitutional as it is, this will most likely sadly go through. I can't believe it has come down to this. Unfortunately it's going to get worse before gets better.
  • I have to agree with LC on this one. This isn't a small or useless object. And I don't know about you, but most of the gun shows I go to, the people selling guns aren't people only planning to sell one gun. If you plan to sell a weapon, you should be licensed as such. 
  • Actually this changed NOTHING AT ALL !

    It has always been illegal to sell firearms in INTERSTATE COMMERCE without a FEDERAL FIREARMS LICENSE.
    It still is !
    It has always been necessary to have an FFL to sell guns at a Gunshow, it still is.

    To clarify things a bit, I can buy a gun at Bud's guns, however, it must ship to an FFL, of my choice, if I have an FFL as a gun store or a C&R FFL, to enhance a personal collection, a backround check is completed when I pick up my gun at its final destination, even if I own the gun store, I must pass a background check before I can take personal possesion of any gun.

    So there is no gun show loophole to close !

    Personal transfers are incidental transfers from one person to another in your own State of residence, still legal even now, and require no background check, although good valid ID
    and a copy for both seller and buyer a good idea for both protecting both people if the firearm results stolen or turns up in a bank robbery because it was stolen soon after being sold.
    Personal transfers do not qualify as firearms dealing due to its infrequency.

    You could always go through an FFL locally for personal sales, for peace of mind, you can at even at a gun show, it will cost around $30 because it is a dual transfer, twice the ussual price of $15, this is why many people like personal transfers, because
    ITS FREE !!!!!

    The current hoopla law did NOTHING AT ALL !#!!
    The Second Amendment was not harmed in the making of this film. lol

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    I don't understand why people would feel they have a right to buy and sell guns without in some way being registered or licensed. 

    I mean is this some third world county wheeling and dealing in dark lit alleyways?  Is that the kind of country you want to live in? Or do you just want this right for yourself because you consider all the others out there the hoodlums, not yourself? What could possibly be wrong with the government attempting to regulate the buying and selling of a weapon that in most cases is involved in the loss of another's life?

    It's like saying you should be allowed to buy and sell oxicodone with any regulation. 
  • Bette, you are believing a false premise, that somehow, you can force people to act properly by enacting laws, when Germany occupied various Countries, people still fought the Germans in spite of lots of controls.

    The only people obeying the law are the ones you don't need to worry about in the first place !
    The cliche, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, 2+2=4, this is a constant and does not change, gun control does not work, You are not going to change anything with more laws, anyone with a macine shop can manufacture high quality guns, guns do not hatch from outerspace eggs !
  • And yes, you can buy any drug illegally, all kinds of drugs, or in Mexico, all you need is money, I saw many overdoses working in healthcare, so please don't pretend to tell me about pharmacology legal or otherwise, talking to you is like talking to a ten year old child, fruitless.
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    @DoctorWho I can respect your views, and see how you think talking to me is fruitless. I just have a higher bar in mind for society, and I have lived in places that have it, so I know it is possible. 

    To me you have a very defeatist attitude, like you feel laws are pointless because people are going to break them anyways. So does that mean we should live in a wild unregulated society where everyone can do as they please? There has to be some attempt at order. Some people aspire to be good citizens. And just because there are naysayers now, doesn't mean in 50 years they will still be around. Society progresses and moves forward, what you put in place today may not have positive effects until many years from now. 
  • When I was a nipper, I did as I was told, I believed if I did what was right, nothing realy bad would happen to me, I was wrong, and there were lots of bad boys to show me that, and no adults woul listen, so I got beaten like a cheap drum by boys older and much larger than I, and me being a poor frail excuse for a boy.

    Locks and rules are for honest people, they follow rules, to expect those rules to have an effect on lawbreakers is not wise.
    Read the works of Ceasare Beccaria on crime and punishment..bearing arms.
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    I don't think this is an encroachment on the Second Amendment. Rather, its a different interpretation of the same as legal advisers won't to tell you. If gun dealers will remain in a state of anonymity, how then do you control flow of arms to gangs and terrorists across the borders or within? There is no requirement for a profile of whoever is likely to buy the gun, its simply a transaction regardless of the consequences which are likely to boomerang on everyone of us. There is a danger of remaining static with legalisms at the expense of legality which addresses the facts on the ground with respect to the issue of gun control. There is a sense of vulnerability when you have to keep turning over your shoulder to watch your back.
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