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edited December 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
I know there have been many articles and news stories about shootings.  They seem to be happening way too frequently.  Does anyone remember the reasons the murders picked up their guns?  Does the news even cover that part?


  • The news is not to be trusted. There have been more shootings under Obama than any other time. It's called false flags and gun control agendas. I wish people would wake up to the truth.
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    I agree with harpazo22 there is a connection I think between the President we have now and some of the things happening in this country today.He wants to disarm Americans and the liberals and the antis seem so desperate for their agenda for gun control they are just helping him out and don't realize the damage he is causing to our country.There is so much more to his sudden desperation to get rid of law abiding citizens guns.
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     Obama can take credit for a lot of the degeneration that has taken place in America, from terror attacks to racism. I think he has actually achieved most of what he set out to do, which was to destroy the lifestyle of anyone who is not in a minority, and/or is not dependent on the state for their "well-being." The next jewel in his crown would be to appease the U.N. by disarming the American public. That would make us sitting ducks for the U.N. dictators.
  • Actually, as someone who has used welfare in the past (my father left us when I was four and my sister was eight; my mother didn't have a job at the time), if you are being honest about what you make, assistance doesn't help you out as much as you think it does.  It's not like you are living large on it, unless you are lying, which is what some people do.  Most people tell the truth about their income.  The ones who seem to have a lot of money are either playing it fast and loose with the bills or is selling stuff that they aren't supposed to.  I was recently on assistance because I lost my father in law who watched our daughter.  Daycare was almost the same amount that I was making at my job, so I had to quit my job.  It was one of the hardest things I had to do.  I love working.  With "assistance" we barely made enough to scrape by.  Minimum wage is a joke when you look at inflation.  Even with my fiancé earning $13/hr, it's rough when you have a kid.  Taxes take hundreds of dollars from his check.  He is left with almost half of what he earned.  Then you have half a grand in rent each month on top of car payments, food, etc.  Assistance goes by your pre-tax pay, so essentially, they are counting money that you never see as money that comes into your house.  That is why most people can't get off of assistance.  They are using the money that they get to scrape by, so they can't improve their station.  I think what assistance should do is help with job placement.  I mean, the government knows all the businesses, even ones that citizen's don't know about.  Why can't they use that knowledge to help people?  It's called assistance.
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    I agree the system does get used by some and others who really need can't get it or enough to help as it should the times are tough in this country right now.I used to be considered middle class but now the way things are I am classified as poverty what happened.I think Obama has done everything he could to divide this country between antis and pro's and religious,and racism,immigrants,ect.
  • I think people are overly suspicious of this stuff. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. I can't say I agree with any of this. I think they are trying to find a good solution and hell, it's not an easy decision to make no matter what way you want to look at it. No, most criminals don't give reasons. And if they do, it's usually crap and lies anyway. But at the same time, I don't think any of the gun control arguments are to actually just strip everyone of their rights. 
  • I think some people are trying to, but others aren't.  It really just depends on the individual.  I think for the most part, people are trying to get guns banned because they think it's an easy solution to the shootings.
  • I agree. It's not really anything against guns themselves but it's kind of the way we think in general. We always try to take the "Easy" route to something that MAY have a CHANCE of fixing our issues, even when it's obviously more complicated than that. Wishful thinking, I guess.
  • I completely agree with what Harpazo said.  There are many false flags happening around the world and it is scary.  It's all an agenda and these shootings are happening just so the government can control us and take away our guns. Our rights are being striped away from us little bit little and most of us aren't even aware of it at all.  People need to wake up.
  • I feel like a lot of those shootings are more due to personal connection that was lacking at the time. These people were alone enough that no one knew it was coming, and that's how a lot of our society is going today. I wouldn't blame the President for that..
  • Gun control is also a distraction from other issues, like a magician and misdirection, gets you distracted from the real focal point of the magic trick, Gun control is great if you get folks on a lather or foaming at the mouth, do they don't notice really high unemployment or higher taxes, or decreased medical coverage etc....
  • Maelalove;
    I remember a guy in my neighborhood, Moshe, he was mentally challenged, he would go off his meds and run out and menace folks with a hammer, he was harmless, I would take away his hammer, take him inside his home and make sure his family gave Moshe his meds, this was not too often, maybe once a year or so.

    One year during my bad flu, someone called 911, and a female NYPD Officer unfamiliar with that precinct, not familiar with Moshe, not of that local precinct either, NOT from CPOP ie community or foot patrol.

    She told Moshe to drop the hammer, and he charged her, and was shot multiple times and died, on the spot, before arrival of Fire Dept. first responders, Fire Rescue or Volunteer EMS-Paramedics etc....

    This happens many times with even well trained sworn Law Enforcement.
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