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I have a question for the anti's,How many have had a personal incident with a legal gun owner?

edited March 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I would think there should be plenty of personal problems that all these anti's have had with legal gun owners to have all these fears they seem to have about us.I would like to hear of some of these,so I can have a better understanding of these fears they seem to have about us.


  • I think it's very cool of you to post this. Most pro-gun people just attack the anti-gun people.  I like that you are trying to get the other side of the story. 
  • I am not an anti gun individual but I have been a victim of gun violence. When I was young I worked at a convenience store and a masked man with a gun robbed me. He held the gun to my face and grabbed my arm and called me names. It was very disturbing and the thing I remember about it most is the gun. I actually identified the gun rather than the individual that was caught. So I think it works both ways. Gun violence can scare you into being completely anti gun or it can make you a strong gun rights supporter. We all choose how each live event is going to change us. TommiGunn31 is right we have to get both sides and the law makers need to hear both sides also.

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    I am sorry to hear about your experience,but was he a legal gun owner or a criminal.I don't think no law abiding citizen should ever have to go thru this.I am glad you weren't harmed and that you didn't blame the gun but the individual.That is where the anger should be put and the fear.
  • CherylTorrie is right.  When I was shot at by my cousin, I was anti-gun for awhile.  I thought that it was scary anyone could have them (I was six, I didn't know about gun laws).  It wasn't until my father showed me how to shoot and care for (and most importantly, respect) guns that I realized they weren't bad.
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    Kids are scared of plenty of things at that age because they have not been educated properly yet on what they fear.I am glad it wasn't any worse for you Tommigun,but it does show that it was different for you when properly taught.I know a lot of people put down NRA but they are the biggest organization that teaches the most safety about guns if people would listen and stop seeing them as the enemy,they do a lot of good also.If it was turned around and they were fighting for something someone wanted to take away from them,they would be happy to have a organization like the NRA fighting for them.I think education and understanding could do more good then more laws,or restrictions.
  • I think people put down the NRA because of extremists.  There was an episode of the Simpsons I was watching where I saw the perfect example of the true NRA.  I think it was called "The Cartridge Family".  Anyway, Homer bought a gun and joined the NRA.  He hosted an NRA meeting.  When he was irresponsible with the gun (opened a beer can with it), they chided him and kicked him out.  That is the REAL NRA.  People who love guns, support the second amendment and treat their guns with respect. 
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    I couldn't agree more with you Tommigun,you will always have extremist about anything,but you don't judge all for the actions of some.I have debated with extremist from both sides and let them know that is not the way all feel or act.If someone is wrong I don't care which side I will let them know,and know I don't think I am perfect or always right either,but when common sense tells me something I listen.I wasn't a member of the NRA when I started on these forums but I am now.I see the overall good they are trying to do against all of the overall wrong that is trying to be done.I may not agree with everything they believe but there is enough good to get my support.
  • I think one of the hardest things for me to understand about background checks and the desire to make them mandatory is that people are not born criminals and some criminals are so well educated with getting away with crime that they get away with it. No one wakes up and says now that I have a legal gun I am going to become a criminal but criminals that haven't been caught can pass a background check. I know for a fact that the person who robbed me at gun point had a carry permit, had no record prior to being caught with the gun that he used to rob me. Just thinking about the big picture and the laws that already don't work is enough of a battle without having additional laws that don't work.
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    I think the law works backwards half the time.When you are a criminal your innocent until proven guilty,and when you are a law abiding citizen you are guilty until you are proven innocent.
  • That is sadly true, rbower.  I also think it's terrible that some of the more wealthy criminals get a great lawyer and are out killing again. And CheryTorrie, you are absolutely right about the fact that we don't need new laws.  We just better punishments.  Harsher sentences are a stronger deterrent than more laws to break.  Laws are just paper and words.  Prison is a consequence.  Now let's just get frivolities out of jails and we will see fewer criminals and probably lower taxes if we are no longer paying for them to have fun in the big house.
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    I agree they have it better then a lot do on the outside,they get shelter, 3 meals a day, free medical and dental, entertainment, free education, and who knows what else. The only thing they don't get is the ability to come and go as they please, not a lot of punishment for what most have done. You might as well be sending them to the corner like a child. We need to stop pampering them, I mean damn they have broke the law not just been naughty.
  • It's not even like sending them to the corner.  It's more like sending them to their room, where they have their music and X-Box.
  • Posts: 15
    I have never had an incident with a gun, I have just watched the news in this country and in other countries, and I just see clearly that guns are a problem in this country. There are criminals in every country, unfortunately in this country they have access to guns. It is pretty easy to stand back and pull a trigger. It is much harder to physically attack a person. 
  • Oh, for the record, one of my Police partners murdered a woman, he was a firebug, he loved to start fires, and that poor woman died as a direct result of his indifference to life, was that OK because he did NOT use a gun ?
  • "It is much harder to physically attack a person. "

    So prison is very safe ? no guns there !

    When I was a boy, and other very strong boys held me and had their way, no guns, just lots of strength and youth...... I guess that abuse was ok since they never used guns.....
  • And by boy, I was very young, 9, I was powerless to defend myself from 13- 19 year olds.
  • Oh, nobody had guns in NYC in those days, and those boys were so tough, a 13 year old broke the leg of a 30 year old guy, he waited in the garage and hit him on the head, knocked him out with a bat, then snapped his leg like a dry twig !
    I saw it and was so scared, I peed myself, the boy told me I would get killed if I told, no guns here.
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    You don't have to cast your net far if you consider the case of Virginia Tech university where the shooter was a psychiatrist. He was entrusted to look after the welfare of others including the 32 silent ones he callously dispatched. There is no guarantee that a responsible person will remain the same in the next moment as life has many turns and twists. Even the profile of the modern terrorist has undergone a paradigm shift to include pretty much everyone since noone can testify to the intentions of a hidden will.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    It's 2016, we live in an era of knowledge, and also in a more violent era. There are always going to be people that always want to live the fake peaceful life. Sooner or later, (or maybe never) they will encounter someone who is prepared to take their lives or their loved ones. 

    If you are going to be anti-gun rights then you should probably go somewhere that does not allow anyone to own a gun because you might just get the peace you want. 

    People are always going to have their lives threatened threw out their lives whether it be direct or indirect. The thing that matters the most is whether you are going to be prepared or not. Pray to god all you want, when you have a barrel in your face, it's highly unlikely that your god is going to come down just for you, your god didn't even do that for JFK, and he was the fucking president.

    My opinion.
  • Posts: 75
    I have not had an incident with a gun owner but its proper to state that gun ownership is not always legal. I have a situation which I can directly relate to. My father was shot dead in a robbery incident. I have also read of a case involving a rancher and the community neighbouring the ranch. The former who died recently was reportedly trigger happy and shot at anyone he came across in his vast ranch with two fatalities recorded within a short span on dubious grounds of trespassing. What about the current wave of suicides which are preceded with homicides?
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