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Any Canadians?

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 7
Does anyone have any opinions about gun control in Canada?
As far as I know, Canada has less strict rules about guns then the United States. Canada also has less gun related crimes.
Yes I know that Canada has crime, and there have been tragedies in Canada as well. But guns just aren't as big as a problem there.
Any thoughts?


  • I am not from Canada, nor have I spent any time there.  What are the gun laws in Canada?  Do you have any background checks?
  • Posts: 234
    I am not from Canada either but what I have heard is that they have a stricter gun laws and yes gun crimes may be down some but I don't think they have the problem with gangs as we do.Also a poll was taken and about half are scared to walk the streets alone after dark.Now this what I heard so don't take it to heart.This come from a Canadian I done business with.

    I am not  from Canada either but this what I was told by a Canadian I done business with.He said they do have stricter gun laws then us and have less gun crime but they don't have the problem with gangs as we do.He also said that they have done a poll and about half said they were scared to walk the streets alone at night.Now take this as you may this is what I was told by one Canadian.I just wanted to share that not all Canadians feel as safe as some might say.

  • Are the gun laws different in different parts of Canada?  Maybe that's why you are saying two different things.  That's what it's like here.  Each state has different laws.  Plus in the rural areas, people mostly ignore gun laws.  That could be the same, too.
  • If I remember correctly, Canada is divided, the French part and the English part, or some such thing, they had some multiple licensing with different categories of firearms unrestricted such as regular rifles shotguns, and restricted firearms such as pistols and high capacity semiautomatic rifles etc.... and the Canadian Government some years ago pushed for complete registration of all firearms at tremendous cost, not everyone registered their firearms, and it was admittedly considered a complete failure, and the Government was considering repealing the entire registry and destroying the database.
  • Wikepedia :

    "Gun politics in Canada
    Gun politics in Canada is largely about registration. Handgun registration became law in 1934, and automatic firearms were added in 1951. In 1969, laws classified firearms as "non-restricted", "restricted" and "prohibited". Since 1977, individuals who wish to acquire firearms legally are required to pass a criminal background check. From 1995 on, all firearms were required to be registered, but in April 2012 the requirement to register non-restricted firearms was dropped in every province and territory, except for Quebec. In 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against Quebec, thus the non-restricted registry records were destroyed in their entirety. From the 1990s up until September 1, 2015, there were two kinds of individual licences for firearms owners: possession-only and possession-and-acquisition. On September 2, 2015, all possession-only licences were automatically converted to possession-and-acquisition."
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