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Imagine we finally agree guns are not the problem,What are some honestly good ideas to safeguard us?

edited August 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I personally think we have fought about guns long enough and time to really address the problem at hand.I think we need to concentrate on the criminals,gangs,and mental illness,we have way to many of each.I think we need stronger laws and enforcement for criminals and gang related issues,and better health care for the mentally ill.What is really thought of these ideas?


  • I absolutely agree with this, we need to fix the root of the problem while keeping people safe. Mental health services should be a benefit of living in the United States, everyone should receive free help regardless of insurance. The UK has NHS but those of us who live in the US are on our own, unless we have good insurance. People should start reporting any threats they see online, many of us don't take those things serious but we really should. Schools need better counseling for students, for everything from stress to bullying... We have a problem with students just snapping these days. Many things can be done to attempt to solve this problem.
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    Mental illness is definitely a problem and unfortunately one that gets swept under a carpet.  Seriously, in this country we cut funding to take care of those with mental illness then we make it easy to obtain a gun, and not just any gun but a machine gun.  Oh yeah, this makes great sense to me.  The thing is that the guns are only part of the issue, not even the main part, ban them and what happens next.  The person finds some other way to carry out their little plan such as using fireworks, yes these can be obtained in most states and can do damage in doors. 
  • I think that one thing that would help is to change insurance coverage.  A lot of insurance companies don't cover mental illness.  That's part of the reason that so many people are walking around undiagnosed or untreated.   Both diagnosis and treatment are expensive.  Poor people get illness, too.  I know many people who can't afford treatment.  Some have died as a result.  I think that mental illness checkups should be mandatory and covered.  I don't mean free for everyone, but on a salary basis.  This is for everyone. Look at those who are extremely paranoid and schizophrenic.  Some of them hurt people because they don't even know something is wrong.  There are some cases where they think that they are defending themselves.  Because they never had an issue before (because it's newly activated or has just gotten progressively worse), it doesn't show up on a  background check.  Civilians then pay the price.
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    HR 2646 might be a good start.

    I'm also a fan of basing our laws on the following premise:

    If one is mentally competent enough to freely roam around in public without supervision, one is mentally competent enough to own a firearm.  Conversely, if one is judged not to be mentally competent enough to own a firearm, they should be institutionalized and not free to roam around in public without supervision. 
  • I do think that we need to handle the true issues, and those issues are not the guns, but they are the reason the shooters go for the guns. We need better mental health care. We need to stop the bullying. We need to figure out a way to lower the crime rates. We do need to get all of the illegal guns off the street too. 
  • I agree.  HR 2646 sounds like a good idea.  I hope it gets passed.  There are a lot of people that need help.
  • I completely agree with your post. Maybe guns wouldn't be such an issue if we took the time to focus on the mental health of the people who commit horrible crimes BEFORE they committed these crimes.
    I don't think guns are the problem, I think it's our system that is the problem.
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    If we could get the majority to feel this way,maybe we could get out of the rut we seem to be in about arguing over a object.Then we could work on the federal and state issues that really need to be addressed,like mental health coverage for all,and gang and gang related issues.I think this is why the federal and states welcome the distraction that the gun issues bring,no one is concentrating on the real issues that they have caused by not addressing the real issues.
  • Thank you thank you! I really wish this would have been a question asked on the presidential debates. Mental health care is certainly a root of this problem as I think all of us can agree. In fact, Bernie Sanders even pointed this out explicitly in the the recent democratic presidential debate on CNN. When people are given the opportunities of proper healthcare, that is when we will see a lessening of gun violence and tragedies.  
  • Absolutely. We need to figure out a way to get people to value human life again. There are so many things going on in the world, that it really makes you wonder about the state of the world in our children's days because we didn't take the time to educate them, and let them know that killing is not the answer. We need to work on the mental health, and show them that life is fragile and valuable. Once people start to think that way, it will not be so easy for them to turn to a gun.
  • Though health care is another debate completely I also agree that we as a country do not care for our mentally ill as we should. We do have it covered when the get to court though. Just think about someone who pleads insanity but has be a functioning member of society right up until he got caught breaking the law. It works both ways as we all know. I for one do not wish to have to go to a psychologist at my expense to be declared competent to own a gun. Do you?  Society as a whole needs help but gun control is only going to affect the legal owners and operators. Gangs, criminals and mentally incompetent people are usually not registered licensed gun owners.
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    I would never say someone would have to go a psychologist to be found competent to have a gun,I am just saying that the ones that want or need help, it should be available for all not just the ones that can afford it.Also a qualified doctor not just some pill pusher.I agree gun control should never be the issue,because that is not the problem at all.I am for the constitution all the way,and should never be changed because it doesn't fit some peoples agenda.There is just not enough concentration on the real issues and to much time spent on the false claims.
  • I understand what you mean about not forcing people to go to psychologists.  I know some people who hate them.  This is where it gets terrible on both ends.  I think forcing people to do anything is wrong.  However, I also know that most people with mental illness don't want to admit that there's a problem because there is such a stigma.  I think we need to work on how society views mental illness.  Then more people may come forward before it's too late.  I also think that some psychologists need to step up their game.  Many of them lack empathy, which I think is kind of a job requirement. 

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    I agree,and there are also so many different mental issues.If we could catch some sooner before they escalate to something worse it could also help.It should never be looked down on for someone seeking help of any kind.I also think family and friends should recommend help for their loved ones instead of being ashamed of it and thinking it will make the whole family look bad or something,to me that is ridiculous.The times are hard today and some just need help with coping skills.
  • I agree.  My mother was a schizophrenic manic depressive and she didn't have the help she needed.  Her insurance wouldn't cover it.  That is just one of many examples.  I think that instead of railing against each other, anti and pros need to gang up against the real problems, the reasons people pick up the guns to begin with.
  • I completely agree with the fixing mental health parts, but I would also like to point out to the ones saying that we need to value human life again, that it has been this way for much, much longer than you're letting on. If anything, the killing was worse in different eras, its just that we have a much higher population now. But I agree, focus on what is causing the problems that resort to gun murders and fix the issue that way. 
  • Yes, I agree that those that have a mental illness or have a criminal record should not own guns.  They should have a background check before applying for a gun and go through multiple tests to see if they can be eligible.  Guns should only be able to be in the hands of responsible mature adults.  Unfortunately, I think it is hard to weed out these types of people though.
  • It's hard to weed out, but not entirely impossible. Making a mandatory psychological evaluation(free, of course, but mandatory nonetheless) would help even just a little bit to separate the mentally ill from the healthy. Not to say the mentally ill aren't responsible, but it's a different category. 
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    We are forgetting the most dangerous type of mentally ill here, the sociopaths.....The ones that can pass a test under many different guidelines and usually the ones with the most intent with the least amount of resistance and complete lack of empathy. The solution would have to be multi tiered and with full cooperation from all involved. If there is no understanding of how serious an issue this is, then the chances of that cooperation coming through are little to none.
  • I wouldn't say they could most likely pass tests. A lot of sociopaths, due to lack of emotion, although very intelligent, can be caught by having TOO MUCH of having one response, and it is usually at least suspcious. 
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    Oddly enough, the State you live in determines the quality of mental health care, in NYS, there are State funded mental healthcare facilities that must accept patients in need regardless of their ability to pay or lack of insurance, some people have worked many years, then have a medical catastrophic major illness and can't work anymore, get dropped off private medical insurance, you are Out of Luck, if you do live in a State without a Patient's bill of rights.
  • MThis is a great topic. I agree that I do not think that we have ever really had a gun problem in this country. Guns have been around for many many years and we used to not have as much crime and tragic events until this past decade. I really think with the increase in mental illnesses and thebpushbonbperscription drugs, we have seem an outbreak of the wrong people getting a hold of guns. And it doesn't have anything to do with guns being sold. If someone with a mental illness is going to harm people, they are going to get a gun weather its in a store legally or on the street.
  • Actually, there is no real problem with guns, mental illness, or even the wrong people getting their hands on guns, a certain percentage of people will go bonko at some point, math tells you that, just like falling and breaking an arm.

    Nobody will be SAFE 100% of the time ! Carry of a firearm affirms life is not safe, and it scares the shizzles out of fantasy prone liberals to realize that little fact, so they choose to blame & ban guns, rather than face facts.
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    The fact is, guns ARE the problem. There are crazy insane people all around this world, and it's just plain simple fact that the number of gun violence deaths in countries where guns are illegal are minuscule, as compared to the violent deaths occurring in countries where guns are legal. It is just plain and simple fact. If one does not have access to a gun, then no gun violence. Simple. 

    The NRA in this country is powerful (remember the tobacco companies? and how cigarettes used to be good for you?) and they move swiftly to attempt to stifle or discredit any statistics showing the insane number of deaths attributed to mishandling, domestic violence, gang violence, etc. versus the handful situations where a gun came in handy protecting oneself.

    In the united states we don't realize we live in a bubble. We get the information we are given. Travel outside of the u.s. and search things on international search engines and you will get different knowledge than you have in here. But carry on. 
  • I have travelled the World over, I have seen things first hand, people shot for stealing a bag of milk being given away free, they jumped the que and got killed for it !
    By Government soldiers.

    Guns are handy, but not the real issue.
  • And FYI the Tobbacco lobby is funded by the Billionaires industry, the Government profits from Billions of dollars of taxes from people that smoke cigarettes etc...

    The NRA is composed of less than 6 Million members, not the gun industry involved, more people are killed by the smoking addiction and second hand smoke than are or ever were killed by guns......
  • I think mental illness is a huge problem. Even those who have sought treatment are given the run around for a very long time. One can see a psychiatrist but it's almost a month to get into one if not longer. Medication takes 3 to 6 months to even get an evaluation. A lot can happen to a person in that amount of time. Once you are given medication you are a guinea pig and hopefully a medication works for you before you completely snap.

    I had mentioned in another comment to make prisons places of punishment again instead of glorified daycare centers. I think if prisons were harsher there would be less repeat offenders and far less first time offenders.
  • I would say mental illness, unstable people, and lack of education should be funded/looked more at. This would ensure less gun violence and more peace. In most countries guns are not a problem when they are banned, as long as the root of the problems are taken care of. 
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    The problem is clearly the education, everything starts right from there. We need to educate youngster to work together and not compete against each other, as school as it is nowadays only promotes hates and competition between students. We need to educate the adults of tomorrow, to teach them that they can do it only together and they do not need to drag the others down in other to get themselves up.
  • I would say lets start at home. Parent your children the values and importants in life and they will grow up not having interest in guns unless you are a family of hunters then establish gun rules. Also, its within home that parents and siblings know each other well that if theres someone thats mentally unstable or suisidal within that household its going to be obvious, help each other out and have happy healthy family. When we have happy healthy family, society will be much in better place.
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