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Texas Southern University on lock-down after shooting - At least 1 dead

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
Another shooting today and more deaths, this time at Texas Southern University (TSU). At least 1 confirmed dead according to the news reports.  We need gun control!  Get the guns off the streets!!!  

Many other wealthy industrialized nations do not allow their citizens to carry guns around, and they have much less harassment of the people by the police.  Look at England and Australia.


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    Another gun free zone attacked and you still think gun control is the answer.When will you understand it is the bad guys with the bad guns.Being a gun owner doesn't make you one of the bad guys.The kids deserve protection so protect them,quit making them sitting targets for the bad guys.Thats why I protect mine at home,it's not a gun free zone and it is posted as such,no deaths here.
  • I agree with rbower.  It's not about the weapons; it's about the hands that hold them.  There will be no way to get rid of all the guns.  You can outlaw them, but there will be people who will sell them illegally.  They will be far less discriminating about whom they sell to than legitimate places.  It may actually be more dangerous to outlaw guns.  Plus, look at Prohibition.  Booze became illegal and that just opened up a market for illegal alcohol.  People will find a way to do what they want.
  • I feel for the families involved in these tragedies. I can also see how if it were truly a gun free place, then the police may not be so jumpy and shoot everybody at first glance. However, the people who are committing these crimes are not the most law abiding citizens, so they would probably wind up with the guns anyway, and then the rest of us would have no protection. That would be just perfect.
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    Seriously, what needs to happen do we need to have medal detectors in all public places.  Another thing why isn't their security on these campuses.  You would think that universities that are so large and even house students would have security that would take action in such situations.  Instead we keep hearing about this horrible incidents.  I don't know what the answer is here other then stop worrying about budgets and give places such as school's the proper security that they need to keep students safe.
  • I think having metal detectors everywhere isn't such a bad idea.  If people are pushing for gun-free zones, then they need to find other ways to protect those who are vulnerable in such areas.  If you want change, you have to think of it from all angles.  Taking away guns from people means that they need to find another way to defend themselves.  Give them something. 
  • Posts: 234
    I agree metal detectors may offer some sort of safety it is better than nothing we have to honestly start some where,instead of saying no guns is a safer alternative we know that isn't working by looking at all the trouble in gun free zones.The detectors have to be manned by a armed guard though or no solution at all again.I think our kids and society is worth it, don't you?Just saying NO doesn't work.I also think if we would stop fighting over guns we could come up with some other good ideas.
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    I suppose metal detectors should be installed everywhere to detect those who are concealing their weapons in public places. The best strategy for gun control should be preemptive not reactive. Further, mobile gun detectors should be issued to individuals and law enforcement officers on a largescale to identify threats before they happen.
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