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Shooting Prevention

Many stories speak of how mass shooters were having "problems" that their parents and friends didn't notice.  Sometimes they did notice but thought nothing of it.  They assumed that their loved one just dyed their hair or changed their style of dress. Do you think that there is something we, as a whole, can do to prevent future shootings?  If you were in a position to do something, like the President or Congress, what would you do? 


  • Maybe if we find a way to stop bullying, then we wouldn't have people who are so damaged that they feel the need to go out and kill everybody in sight. Still people are going to do what they are going to do, but it will make a little bit of difference. Then people need to pay better attention to their friends and family instead of only thinking about themselves. If we can get everybody in the world to be better people then we can truly change the way these things happen.
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    There is no simple fix it will take alot of work from all.I believe first thing to do is for the government to do is to make sure there is help for the mentally ill.Then family and friends really need to start paying attention to there family and friends and not ignore symptoms of some thing being wrong and not be scared to admit that someone has problems and need help.Then the law needs to be more vigilant on the gangs and drug cartel trouble we have in this country,if they are affraid of them then get somebody that is not.Then the court system needs to crack down on punishment for the gang members and drug cartel,no more light sentences and reduced time for these people.I thought gangs were against the law and if not it should be.They now who the gangs and gang members are and they are not doing anything about it.Instead they try to side track people with some thing else and get the focus off of what they are not doing.That is why they try and make all these other things top new.
  • They will do nothing about the vatos and eses selling drugs and encouraging prostitution of minors and other illegal acts.

    AIDS kills far more people, why not ban AIDS ?
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    There is always a chance children will always be ostracized and bullied by other children. This is a problem on its own. But not all children have access to a weapon of mass murder. If a child did not have access to a gun, very simply, school shootings would not occur. 
  • Yes you can try and prevent it, but really if it's going to happen it's going to happen. There's only so much a parent can do. They're not mind readers.
  • Society as a whole is not what it once was. 20 years or so ago, mom's place was at home with the kids for the most part. Dad's were off on weekends and could take kids to do fun things or families had more time and money to spend together. Kids didn't have to be bought to make up for the lack of time spent with them. In today's world both parents are forced to work or kids are raised by a single parent. In exchange that child is forced to grow up quicker and kind of raise themselves. Parents may not even notice changes kids are going through or that kid doesn't want to spend what time they do have talking about their problems. It's just a huge problem. Not just the kid not just the parent's but what society has become as a whole.
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    How can the president order all parents to take responsibility of their kids when they have programs that enable them to take advantage of children and the resources they can get from just having them?  We have welfare where they hand out money to people that have kids but are the worse parents around.  Yes people do look at children that way, as a means of resources.  But now the president is going to ask them to raise them right and watch their behavior?
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    I think that many adults are too self-absorbed to realise that parenting is not just about feeding your kid, making up rules and yelling about laundry and video games.

    Teens often conceal their problems from their parents by fear of then being swatted away as nonesence, or by fear of an overreaction. Often they don't answer directly to questions either. We've all been teens, we seen that and done that.

    A parent needs to know how to chat up their kids to infer if they are ok or not. That involves a lot of keeping ones mouth shut and actually listening to what they have to say. It's not an easy thing to play detective every day, and there's a fine line between being intrusive and being caring.

    And in case a parent can't handle it, like in the case of having a lot of kids to worry about, then there should be eyes and ears in the school. Why is it that the teachers and councilors never seem to know anything, or never seem to have noticed bullying, when it's their job to care for and teach these kids about life.

    I know many cases where schools would shush events of bullying and even rape, like it never happened, and expell the victim instead of dealing with that situation, because that would draw too much negative attention to their school.
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    I would enact a policy that respects the right to own guns but restricts access to bullets. This would also entail greater surveillance and intelligence gathering to suppress the black market for bullets. Additionally, I would enact a policy where people access rubber bullets instead of the metallic ones. Only those with a good history and track record would make it to the league of owning real bullets. I would also improve the coordination of rapid response and SWAT teams.
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    Well it is tough, because you cannot just go take everybody who dies their hair in and examine them to see if they are going to have the potential for harm.  I think that there are clear warning signs, though, and I would like to think that if things get serious, in terms of what they say or do, then hopefully people can speak up and try to help the person.  It is a tough issue though, that is for sure.
  • guyguy
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    There are many things we need to address in this country. We can fix society, but the governments job is to not regulate life within society, it's to regulate federal management of the nation. 

    They don't care what goes on within society, they see it as people are going to die, now if there were enough people dying from guns that it affected local societies finances, and the way of life on a level that also made problems for the state, then there would be more regulation. 
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