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Legitimate Gun and Crime Stats?

I have seen so many Facebook posts about crime and gun control laws.  Some have posted statistics.  Often the posts contradict each other.  Some say the crime is higher in cities/countries with strict gun control or no guns allowed.  Others say the opposite.  Where are they getting their information?  What sites are accurate for this information, and which sites are have no factual basis?


  • This is exactly why you can't believe everything you read. You have to do your own research and figure things out on your own. Otherwise you would confuse yourself listening to everybody else. I say that if you look things up online, and you can find that same answer in a number of different websites, it is more than likely true, but if it is only in one spot, then it is more than likely false.
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    The best thing to do is use your own common sense.Guns are objects how can they hurt anyone on their own,it takes bad people to make them dangerous.
  • I never said that guns hurt people.  I was only wondering what stats were accurate.  I was asking if anyone knew of any sites that had legitimate information.  I agree with the saying that "Guns don't kill people".  I was curious.
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    I am sorry Tommigun,I didn't mean it to sound negative towards you at all.I just simply meant that common sense needs to used when viewing all the different statistics because they make them say anything they want on both sides and most people believe what they want depending on what side your on.So simply use your own common sense to draw your own conclusion.I am so use to so many trying to blame a object I quess sometimes I come across defensive.
  • I apologize, as well.  I should have realized that on your part it may have sounded like I was attacking guns: after all, the question was about gun stats.  Most people only use them to show how dangerous guns are.  My query was strictly from curiosity.

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    That's fine Tommigun no harm done.Sometimes I guess we all jump to conclusions of sort,I already proved I do.
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    There is no correlation between firearm ownership and gun violence...and that works both ways.  The anti-gun position that says less guns equals less violence does not hold up to scientific scrutiny, nor does the pro-gun position that more guns result in less violence.  Studies done by one group tend to gain the results that supports their position, while those done by the other side do the same.  Taken as a whole, using unbiased, scientific methods, the answer is consistently that such a correlation simply cannot be proven. 
  • Thank you, Chimo.  I was trying to look for unbiased, scientific statistics.  It's maddening that there is no answer, nor can there seem to be a compromise to make both sides happy.
  • Funny because someone already said it, but it's basic common sense! Those who protect themselves are going to have lower crime rates than those who don't.
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    Also many times when you do protect your own place,much of that does not get reported,I know I have done this because all they do is take a report and do no investigation any way.The numbers don't show none of that,and around here if you take care of it yourself,the law just acts like you are just bothering them when you call them,so why bother reporting it.Even if reported it would not be in any of the numbers,because it would make them look bad because they didn't do nothing to help any way.Only when someone gets killed do these self defense cases get added to any statistics.That is why the self defense numbers are so low,they don't want to show we might be stopping more incidents then they are.
  • The article link below states statistics from the CDC and the FBI. I agree that statistics are only numbers that have been gathered from reported incidents and the gatherers sometimes have their own agenda so they may ignore some results that don't meet their expectations. The direct correlation between guns and crime statistics may never be proven but statistics will be given each and every time someone wants to point a finger one way or the other. For instance the NRA will probably use statistics to show that there is less violence in areas where homeowners have armed themselves against crime. So yep, we have to take all reported statistics in the vain it was intended and read beyond the numbers.

  • I agree, rbower.  If there are things that go unreported, then that tarnished the studies.  It "fixes" the numbers, as it were.  It makes it impossible to get an accurate count.  CherylTorrie, thanks for the link.
  • Ok, normally I let this kind of forum just stew. Facts and opinions always bump heads in them. I do know this from living 65 years. If you are committed to do evil, you will stay in a densely populated area. You don't go out into rural areas to commit crimes. If I want to skew some numbers in favor of gun ownership. I'd go poll in rural areas. If I was anti-gun I'd go to a large city. The truth and fact is that when an evil person wants to harm or kill you or someone that you love or care about.It is best that you are armed. Screaming "CALL 911 !" while your loved one bleeds in your arms with a very scared look in their eyes should be enough to make you take the simple ( SIMPLE ! ) steps necessary to protect them. Learning to operate a piece of machinery that gives you an even stance against someone who has chosen a wrong path is just common sense. USE common sense. Don't be afraid. Be in control. If you drive a car you are much more deadly. Our time here is not going to ever get better. Hope will not stop someone bent on your destruction.
  • There is a good test for the advocasy of gun control, first law abiding people that purchase guns at gun shops, pass an intensive instant background check through the NICS system run by the Justice Department / FBI, this compiles all crime data nationally of persons prohibited from owning firearms, and even if a prohibited person, a felon were allowed to by error purchase a firearm legally, it would only be a matter of time before that wrong would be rectified and the violator arrested and their guns confiscated.

    Do more guns equal less crime ?
    study Vermont, lots of guns, low crime, fewer criminals, this is not a quoted statistic, I have spent time in Vermont, no license is required to carry a gun in Vermont, open or concealed carry is ok, you can easily purchase a gun privately or in a gun store with instant background check through NICS , and filling out a Federal form 4473, I remember walking into a convienence store to buy a soda and a sandwich, and the lady behind the cash register was showing a freind the new gun she had purchased at a gun show.

    This is common place in a State like Vermont, convienence store owners and workers are armed, gas station workers are armed, people in general are armed, criminals do not like robbing armed people, because criminals often get killed trying to rob armed potential victims.

    Again, I am not quoting NRA or anyone, just what I have observed in Vermont.
    Go to Vermont and talk to Police and residents and see if it is so.

    Anywhere permitless Constitutional carry is enacted, contrary to gun control advocates, crime does not incease, it decreases, something gun control advocates will always deny !

    Puerto Rico has gone from a may issue discretionary system administrated by the Police to a permit-less system that only involves the instant check system at the point of purchase, and filling out Federal corm 4473, and the purchaser can carry open or concealed with no further licensing required being allowed to carry wherever carry is not prohibited, courtrooms etc...

    Crime was 7 times the National average in Puerto Rico before the law change, now lets see what happens as crime decreases, gun control advocates will claim crime decreases are incidental to gun law changes and not because of said gun law changes.

    Also, check crime statistics of all States with constitutional carry, Alaska, compare to shall issue States such as Florida, Texas, etc...

    Then study high crime places, Wahington D.C., California, New York, Massachusetts, places with restrictive gun laws, crime decreases when draconian gun laws are amended, Washington D.C. is changing slowly as the Courts have declared the DC handgun ban unconstitutional, however, the D.C. Police and Political structure are appealing the Courts decision and dragging their collective feet as far as compliance and are now issuing concealed carry licenses at a turtles pace.

    Crime Statistics are available from State and local Police in those jusisdictions and the FBI Uniform crime report also contains vital statistics Nationwide pertaining to crime and criminal activity as well as charts showing crime statistics increases yearly and that can be correlated to cooincide to changes in gun laws, concealed carry etc....
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    There is a high correlation between gun ownership and violence if Central American experience is anything to go by in countries like Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras. The problem with gun crime is that its possible to hit a person at a distance and the victim will not have time to react or call for help in the time of distress as opposed to other weapons. Even barricading yourself with a door as you free from the assailant might not work as the projectiles are likely to penetrate through most materials. Toss in the problem of intoxicated fellows wielding a gun after having one too many and you appreciate the chaos.
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