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Clinton pushing new gun controls after Oregon shooting - THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

edited February 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6
MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Days after a deadly shooting in Oregon, Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled new gun control measures Monday aimed at strengthening background checks on gun buyers and eliminating legal immunity for sellers.  During a daylong campaign swing through New Hampshire, Clinton proposed a repeal of legislation that shields gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers from most liability suits, even in the case of mass shootings like the one that killed nine people at a community college on Thursday.

THIS IS CRAZY!!! How can gun manufacturers be held liable for criminal acts?  Soon we won't be able to have guns in our homes to protect our families!


  • Posts: 234
    This is ridiculous,what's next holding a knife maker responsible for you cutting yourself.I think it is time for people to start putting the blame where it belongs first off with the shooter not the gun,and don't try saying if they banned guns people wouldn't get shot,that is just as ridiculous as trying to blame the gun makers.It's not the legal guns and gun owners doing the shooting.It is all the illegal guns that the Gangs and criminals that they already have or made.If it was up to the Anti's and people like that think if guns were banned there would be no more shootings,that's not even close to common sense.So what you think no legal guns=no shootings,and no knifes=no stabbings,no bats,clubs and ect.=no beatings,what's next castrations of all males=no sex crimes,no hands=no thefts, anyone else see where their reasoning is going,where will they stop and then maybe no humans=perfect world.That is how ridiculous their train of thought is.As long as there is millions of people trying to live together there will be trouble.I think until they enforce the laws we already have and start doing more about Gangs,and drug cartel and illegal guns,and stop being scared to address these problems it won't stop.Then they need to start doing more about poverty and the mentally ill.We need to put the blame and fight where it belongs.
  • Yep another false flag to push the gun control agenda. They always do this so they can go on TV the next day to push their agenda.
  • I think this is going too far. I know she's trying to pump up her campaign right now, but this is not the way that it's going to work. How are you going to blame somebody else for the actions of others? How would they know what that person intended to do?
  • I agree.  You can't hold manufacturer liable for what people do with their products.  Maybe they should come with warnings, like other products that can hurt people.  "This product may kill people if aimed and shot at them.  Please do not use in this manner."  :)  Warnings have protected other companies and products.  They allow cigarettes.  They kill people if used excessively, and I see no bill trying to get rid of them.
  • Now this is a stupid thing to do. The manufacture did not tell the person to go to the school and shoot it up so why fault them. I agree with making it harder to be able to get a gun but faulty manufactures for others crimes is crazy.
  • I agree with the manufacturer liability being the stupid thing about this proposal. I'm all for tightening just a bit on the reigns of gun laws, but to blame the manufacturers for selling it, is like blaming the McDonald's CEO for the obese people that eat at the restaurant. 
  • Clinton is going to try to target the people left in this world that don't believe in our amendment rights. She wants to be president and back up all the crap Obama has messed up. If we elect her into office , this country will go down hill faster than a sled carrying crap. The place guns are purchased has no way of telling after the background and proper paper work is filled out, that the person who bought the gun is using it to harm people.
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    " Maybe they should come with warnings, like other products that can hurt people. "This product may kill people if aimed and shot at them. Please do not use in this manner." :)"

    Firearms already come with warnings printed on the box, a cheap trigger lock, and safety instructions, and you have to take a gun safety course in some States, and none of that will matter if people do not practice gun safety.
  • Posts: 75
    I think people aint seen anything yet if with every shooting which claims more lives, gun ownership proponents seem to dig their heels deeper. Its repeating the same thing and then expecting different results. The same insecurity that they claim to combat with guns is being perpetuated with the same guns. If gun ownership is allowed to continue unhindered, it would be a pyrrhic victory.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    I literally don't think that any extra kind of regulations on new gun purchases will do to much good, but I still think they are relevant because I don't think guns should be purchased by someone who is going to go kill someone because of an mental illness, it's not like people with guns only attack people who are mental. I actually never heard of a case where that happened, so why would they need one if they are incapable of thinking critically because of their illness. 

    Also great gun owners should stop thinking they are being targeted. That's only the case if the government decides they want to take away all the guns, I'd take that as a war declaration.
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