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Public Shootings

edited April 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
Is it just me or are public shootings on the rise?  I remember when I was younger, it seemed like a few here and there.  Now it seems like every week there is one or more.  What has caused this?  Are there actually more mass shootings or are they just covering them more than in the past?


  • It's because they are false flags for the huge gun control agenda. Don't be deceived.
  • I think that they are covering it more in order to scare the people into gun control. I wouldn't say that these shootings did not happen because there are too many people involved, but I will say that the media is pushing it now for political reasons.
  • I remember reading that over 90% of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. It makes sense that Someone who wants to kill random people they don't even know they'd pick a place that didn't allow guns so they'd be the only one armed.
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    I agree Destiny they are the hardest hit areas,there plan for gun free zones is working exactly the opposite way they had planned.It is apparent that our kids do need protection why are you refusing to having them protected and that is what is really happening.It is not because there is guns either,it is because we have criminals and gangs and mentally ill people on the loose with a agenda.If they didn't have guns then maybe they would be using bombs or something else.I think we have a better way of stopping someone with a gun then stopping a bomb.
  • Not more shootings, just instant reporting via Internet.
  • Shootings are at just the normal rate but I guess because of the media then we get knowledge on then instantly giving a sense that they have increased in number.

    I encountered only one shooting in my life and have never had another and if it were not for media then I would not get any news about shooting for the rest of my life.
  • I think the media is helping cause this. So many watch one person and decide to be a copy cat to get their five minutes of fame. I also believe people don't think the law does their job and they have to be vigilantes.
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    The media is covering this more then they have in the past.  They sensationalize everything that will create chaos as that is what will bring people to sit and watch and get that advertisement dollar.

    If it has anything to do with a white cop shooting a black person, you can bet it will be on the news that night.  However there are also shooting involving black people shooting other black people.  Those hardly make the news because that will not fit into the narrative that will anger the general public about racism.  

    There are more cases of black people shooting other black people then there is white cops shooting black people.  Most don't know this because they only watch the news on television (propaganda) and not the ones that cover real news.
  • panpan
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    The constant media coverage is in a way normalizing the occurrences of shootings and integrating them into our daily lives so that these issues don't shock people anymore, and the endless coverage sometimes seems to suggest the sense these shootings are inevitable and not much can be done to save ourselves 
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    In my humble opinion, it's not on the rise. People aren't any different than before (World Wars and everything, we just became more informed). It only seemed so or it only seemed more frequent because the communication barriers are cut, meaning news spread so much faster due to advances in technology. Simply opening FaceBook can get you updated of any breaking news. Or, it could be so, simply because there are a lot more opportunities to do so.
  • WOW - I am truly shocked that people spend the energy to come on here to profess an "opinion" that apparently public shootings are not on the rise, when even the most basic research will tell you that public shootings have RISEN SIGNIFICANTLY the past 15 years. It has nothing to do with whether the media reports on it more or less, its a simple fact as published by the FBI - that public/mass shootings have increased by 60% in the past 7 years, compared to the preceding 7 years!!.

    I think it is telling that people rather profess opinions based on no facts whatsoever, rather than just look at the daily news of the shootings. Also remember that for every mass hooting which is defined as killing more than 4 people, there are 3 times as many more public shootings where multiple people were shot but less than 4 actually died. 

    When are the American public going to wake up and start looking at facts rather than perception ?  that is why Trump and Hilary are doing so well. Zero fact, all perception and rhetoric. 

    Here is a link to the FBI report on active shootings 200 to 2013 - I should emphasize that in fact even the FBI has played down the increase in active shooters - there are a lot more studies which include many other shootings, but did not fall under the FBI criteria for this. -
  • I sit here and I wonder about some of the comments from the pro-gun defenders who are able to find a conspiracy theory behind every report about gun violence. I am not against legitimate persons who may want to own guns, it's their right if they want to. However, some people seem to want to suggest that gun control law was designed to take away their privilege which is not the case, they know quite well it's only a method in the process to find a solution to all these mass shooting that has been frequent throughout the nation.
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    I believe they are on the rise. To go along with that, media is making these cases more known. It seems to me people have gotten crazier over the years and I feel that is what's getting people's attention. Social media does play a huge role in news spreading. People are no longer suprised at these shootings it seems like also. It's hard to tell if it is really on the rise or if the media makes it sound like there are more.
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    There are more shootings today than in the yesteryears. This is partly due to the sociodynamics of modern living characterized by high stress and individualism. This coupled with glorification of violence and easy availability of guns has resulted in a potent mix of circumstances that leads to gun violence.
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    here is the reality of all this gun control nonsense .. this is the truth .. this is what Americans think and want ..... also pay close attention to the adfly link videos in the description .. The world is not blind ...
  • There has been a TON of public shootings in my area lately. Its so sickening knowing I am raising my children in this world where everyone hates everyone. Its sad. I hope this dies down soon. 
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