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edited August 2013 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 2
Hey guys-

 I actually have no real opinion about guns specifically {other than in my case I know that I can't handle one just due to being singlehanded due to having cp and having a vision impairment and not letting folks who shouldn't have guns have them}. I have this really old friend who also has cerebral palsy. Recently he bought a handgun after talking about it for like years. He is two-handed and stands just over six feet. He has told me that he knows how to use it. But I am still really worried because even though he might be able to use his handgun properly at this point cp is somewhat degenerative and a person's condition can worsen over time. What I'm actually concerned about with my friend is that he will have an accident with it. Also. My friend carries his gun everywhere with him. And I live in an area where carrying a handgun is really not the smartest choice {fyi the cops that patrol near me say their service weapon is their last resort}!! And even though he has the right to carry his gun with him I'm worried that something will happen. Any ideas??

PS: Sorry for the large print. Visual impairment. 
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  • Did he get Gun/weapon training by professionals?
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    If he gets so bad off that he is a danger to himself, or anyone else, it should be brought up at that time. If he's capable right now, and responsible enough that people don't have to fret, (due to training, common sense, etc), i dont think it should be an issue. But thats a touchy subject, really, and I can only express an opinion that isn't backed by any research or experience.
  • Have you talked with him about your concerns? If he has professional training even though he has this condition, he should be fine in my opinion.

  • The thing is that without knowing if he is truly capable, something could happen to him. You wouldn't know if he was incapable until he was actually incapable, and with him carrying the gun around with him everywhere, it could become a dangerous situation. Sure, he's fine now, but what happens when he is not fine. I see the point that you are trying to make, but maybe you should do some research and give it to your friend, nd maybe that will convince him to be careful. Make sure that you are only doing it for his safety though, nd not because you don't want him to have  gun.
  • You may have nothing to worry about.  I know people who drove up until their 70s.  Once they got to a certain point, they gave up their licenses without being asked.  They didn't have any bad marks on their driving records, the whole time.  If your friend keeps his gun holstered, with the safety on, there's not much to worry about.  As long as he's smart enough to realize when his disease is getting the better of him.
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    Every situation would be different and sense I don't personally know your friend so there is know way to say if it is alright.It should be up to his family and friends and Doctor to determine if it would be save or not.They should know if he is properly trained or not and capable of handling it safely and mentally sound enough to have one or not.There is no way to make such a broad decision.
  • I am glad you are able to post about your limits but I am unsure if you should be posting about your friend's limits due to his or her disability. Owning and carrying a handgun is a privilege that everyone has regardless of physical limits do to disability. I have met quite a few gun owners that you may have questioned their ability (one with MS who is a very good shot) but they are each aware of their own limits and they adapt to them. Try to have faith in your friend's judgment.
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    I understand your worries about your friend. But there's really nothing you can do except try to reason with him about your concerns. He is obviously trying to be as secure as possible and wants to protect himself. You can only be responsible for yourself. Just let him know you care about him and don't want him to get hurt. I only have one other suggestion.

    Don't make him angry or upset. Especially when he has his gun with him.
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    Well I would like to think that he is approachable and open to an honest discussion, but I do not know the man.  I am sure that you are not alone in your concerns though, and so maybe if you can find some other people to kind of go in with you, or have them there to agree, maybe that it would make it easier for everyone.  I hope that you find your answer though, and best of luck to you and your friend.
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    Something which can go wrong will go wrong. The fact remains as long as the statutes are on his side, there is little one can do about a friend with a degenerative condition unless you covertly inform the authorities about your concerns. This is after subtly reasoning with him. The most important thing here is not to blow your cover. If you do this in his best interests, I see nothing wrong. Otherwise when it comes to the issue of guns where death is only a trigger press away, it pays to be paranoid.
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